When to see the dentist and how to take care of your oral health

Your oral health matters a lot; it can even spell the tone for your overall health. You can imagine how you would be writhing in pain if something were to go wrong with your teeth. Having a dental check-up regularly will help you know how best to take care of your mental health and detect any oral issues quickly. However, the time between your check-ups depends on how strong and healthy your teeth are. The lesser you risk contracting dental problems, the longer the time between your check-ups. So if you have good oral health, you may need a dental check-up once in 12 to 24 months. You should see Straight My Teeth reviews to know if they are the right dentist for you to see whenever you want to visit a dentist. During a dental check-up, a dentist examines everything in your mouth, give you advice on what to eat and the habits to avoid, checks for signs of dental problems, and gives you a date for your next appointment. Here are tips on how to take care of your oral health.

Use the right toothbrush and brush rightly

Using a hard-bristled toothbrush is not right, except you are a smoker. A soft-bristled, multi-tufted toothbrush with a comfortable head and a handle that can be easily gripped is what you need. Also, you should not forget to change your toothbrush when it is getting too soft or worn. It is recommended that you change your toothbrush every three months. Learn how to brush to remove the bacterial in your teeth so as not to damage your teeth in the process. Also, when you are brushing, try not to brush too hard or too often. Excessive brushing is bad for your gums as it can cause them to recede and abraid the teeth. Your roots become exposed and are at higher risk of tooth decay. You don’t have to apply much force when brushing your teeth, a gentle and sustained move will remove food particles and plaques. If you want to freshen up in between brushing twice a day, eat some apples or carrots. You can read reviews on companies that sell toothbrush on collected.reviews to be guided about the right type of toothbrush to buy.

Avoid sugary foods and do the tongue test

Tooth decay accounts for the highest percentage of health issues among adults and children. Studies show that sugary foods are a huge cause of this. After the oral bacteria have finished consuming the sugary stuff, they release acids that attack the teeth. If you must have sweets, eat them at mealtimes so that your saliva can buffer the acid. The less sugary stuff you consume, the more you are helping yourself. Also, do the tongue test to check if your teeth are clean or not. Your teeth may not be clean even after brushing and this is where the tongue test comes in. There is a special disclosing tablet that shows any of the spread you missed while brushing. If not that, you can simply run your tongue over your teeth’s surface and down the gum line and feel if they are smooth. If they are, your brushing was good. If they are not, you need to use the disclosing tablet.

Avoid bad oral habits and keep in touch with your dentist regularly

Do not start bad oral habits; if you have started, stop them. Habits such as chewing tobacco products, consuming alcohol in excess, chewing pencils or fingernails, etc. hurt your health. Other bad habits like getting an oral piercing can cause tooth chipping and gum problems. Always clenching your teeth can damage your jaw joints and muscles. Avoid these bad habits if you want your oral health to significantly improve. When playing sports, remember to use a mouthguard to avoid dental injury. Additionally, ensure you see your dentist regularly. If you notice any changes in your mouth, inform your dentist. Bleeding, teeth sensitivity, discoloration, lumps, sores, etc should not be neglected. The earlier you report these issues, the earlier you get treatment and protect your oral health.

Keep your mouth hydrated

You have to keep your mouth moist every time. Being dry will increase the risks of gum disease and tooth decay in your mouth. If you smoke a lot, drink too much caffeine, and take over–the–counter drugs, you will suffer from acute mouth dryness. As you take more medications, you should drink water. It promotes the good health of your saliva and helps to keep sensitive issues moist. You will not be too dehydrated and run out of saliva, which does many functions such as aiding digestion, fighting germs in the mouth, and protecting the teeth from decaying.

Author: paul