The most popular vegetables in the United Kingdom

The need for vegetables in our meals has continued to receive a lot of importance in recent times. This is considering that more people are showing interest in consuming healthy meals. Vegetables have been promoted as being among the healthiest meals with little calories and a lot of health benefits. Hence, many people are increasing the quantity of vegetables in their meals with vegetables now sometimes enjoying the position of the main course as opposed to just being a side dish. Furthermore, the uses of vegetable have also extended into smoothies, ice creams, yoghurts, and cold-pressed juices in the UK. You might be wondering what vegetables are the most common in the UK. Here is a list of the most popular vegetables in the UK.


Broccoli got introduced to the UK in the year 1720 or thereabouts and has since then, gotten the reputation of being amongst the most popular vegetables in the UK. Three Broccoli types are commonly planted in the UK. They include purple cauliflower, sprouting broccoli, and calabrese broccoli. They are all commonly referred to as Broccoli even though you could mention them by their specific name.


Sweetcorn is another type of vegetable that is commonly consumed in the UK. It is a type of maize with a high content of sugar. As opposed to other types of corn that are harvested when they are mature and dry, Sweet corn is harvested while it is not yet mature at a stage referred to as the milk stage. It is subsequently prepared to be consumed like a vegetable as opposed to like a grain. If you are looking to add more vegetables and eat healthy meals, you can read about healthy food companies on to know the right stores to order healthy meals and ingredients.

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The consumption of tomatoes in the UK is estimated at 500,000 tonnes with a continuous increase in the quantity. On average, it is believed that a Briton consumes 160g or 6oz of fresh tomatoes every week. While some quantity of the tomato is being grown locally, a huge part of it is imported from the Netherlands and other EU countries.


Mushrooms, even though mentioned as vegetables, are technically not vegetables or plants. They are part of the fungi kingdom. However, since they are sometimes named as a vegetable, they take the record as being of the most commonly consumed vegetable in the UK. They are delicious and most of the types that are consumed are high in Vitamin D.


Carrot is another type of vegetable that is highly eaten in the UK. It is also one of the vegetables that are mostly produced in the UK. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A and sometimes referred to as a fruit.


Pea is another commonly consumed vegetable in the United Kingdom. On average, it is believed that each Briton consumes 4 grams every week.


The UK population consumes Brussels sprouts of about 40,000 tonnes every year. This weight is close to that of Titanic or 44,000 male adult reindeer. Hence, Brussels is easily one of the most consumed vegetables in the UK.


Cauliflower is another vegetable that is highly consumed in the UK. They can be easily added to your diet and they are a low-carb option to legumes and grains. Furthermore, they are rich in Sulforaphane, high in chlorine, believed to aid weight loss, good antioxidants source and high in fibre.


Asparagus is another vegetable that is highly consumed in the UK. It is rich in folic acid, thiamine, fibre, potassium as well as Vitamins A, B6, and C.

Green bean

Green bean is another commonly consumed vegetable in the UK. The vegetables are very low in calorie while containing silicon, vitamin K, folate, dietary fibre, and Vitamin C.

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