Reasons some people are obsessed with CrossFit

Reasons why CrossFit is very important If you are looking for new methods of exercise and you are ready to overcome your physical limits, a CrossFit session will make you discover your unsuspected strengths.

CrossFit is a new form of training that, since 2000, has gained increasing popularity among fitness and bodybuilders, according to reviews on the Norskeanmeldelser. If you are seriously considering adopting this training method, here is everything you need to know about Crossfit:

What is CrossFit

CrossFit is a relatively new concept in fitness, created and developed by Greg Glassman, an American gymnast, and represents both a complex form of training, high intensity, and a sports competition.

CrossFit is based on Extreme Fitness, on exercises performed at high intensity, to improve physical condition and develop muscles and endurance. They are functional training, based on the Tabata principle, ie exercises performed at intervals, with combined movements (knee bends, bends, and others). They provide better benefits for fitness than moderate, long-term exercise.

Each workout is different from the previous one, the body being always surprised by new challenges that it does not get used to. There is no question of boredom in CrossFit.

Training is based on three types of movements:

  • High-intensity aerobic exercise
  • Gymnastics
  • Weight training

Reasons to choose CrossFit


  1. To increase endurance, CrossFit training is probably best when it comes to weight training. Kettlebell, TRX cable, and all other wired or corded devices increase muscle endurance effectively.
  2. Variety of movements – no workout will look like another. Not only will the exercises and circuits be different, but you will also discover yourself with every workout and every new record you will get. Goals will always be about you and your previous results.
  3. Continuous toning – muscles never adapt to a single movement, due to alert and always different workouts, which will lead to continuous development
  4. Extreme fitness – regardless of your current physical condition, you will reach unimaginable levels. The workouts are extremely intense, so you will cause every part of your body to exceed its limits.
  5. Lose weight fairly quickly – you will lose weight due to calorie intake, muscle intensity, and exhaustion.
  6. Toning – due to the number of repetitions
  7. Increasing muscle mass – nothing more “simple”, you just have to reduce the number of repetitions and lift heavier weights.
  8. Affordable price – workouts can be done at a dedicated gym or even at home. In this sense, there is a wide range of introductory tutorials on the net, but if you are a beginner it is advisable to seek the guidance of a certified coach.

What exercises does a Crossfit workout involve?

A CrossFit session can include the most varied exercises, with a high degree of difficulty: lifting weights or objects of different sizes, jumping, running, running, climbing, etc. Although various CrossFit exercises are available on the internet, including on the official website, given the complex structure of the training, it is advisable to practice it in the presence of a coach. Also, preheating is essential. Afterward, exercises have performed that aim at one of the 10 abilities, and then the high-intensity training takes place, which can last between 10 and 20 minutes.

Author: paul