7 Best Activities To Engage In During Coronavirus Quarantine In Italy

Coronavirus came when everyone in Italy had plans: Students, ex-pats, tourists, and the locals. This disrupted everybody’s goals and changed everything. However, It is critical to remember to engage in socially distant activities throughout this period of social isolation and quarantine. It’s easy to be caught into Netflix, TV, video games, and social media, but taking time away from the screen is more vital. This is a list of activities to do if you’re stranded.

Limiting your screen time is a good rule of thumb: for every hour watching TV, try to do something else for an equal or greater length of time.

Note: Some of these activities may need gadgets but use only if it helps with your self-care.


This is a fantastic way to clear your mind. You probably want to be in the beautiful places in Italy, the beaches, seas, and villages but there is no chance. Playing soothing music while colouring is a good way to meditate and be present in the moment. There are numerous printable colouring sheets available on the internet.  This will keep your head up and make you active during this period.


This is another alternative for mindfulness and relaxation, and it’s lovely if you don’t have any colouring supplies. All you’ll need is paper and a pen! Begin by drawing the contour of a form, object, animal, or other things, then fill in the spaces between the lines with various patterns! Continue to work even if you make a mistake. The flaws are what makes it extraordinary.

3.Take time to read a book.

You are a student in Italy, but quarantine is keeping you indoor, do not let this affect your studying and reading period. Do you have any novels that you’ve always been too busy to read? It’s now or never to read them. You can even create a virtual book club by connecting with friends outside Italy over FaceTime or WhatsApp. Download an audiobook online if you have a visual impairment or prefer to listen. It’s as simple as starting a free trial or logging in with your Amazon account!

4.Do a puzzle

Puzzles keep your mind engaged by improving your visual scanning, problem-solving, and patience skills. This is an excellent activity to do with your fellow students or close neighbours to enhance communication and teamwork. Whether you do the puzzle by yourself or with them, you’ll have something impressive to display at the end.

5.Fitness at Home

All gyms have been closed down, and you still need to stay fit. Whether you want to do a rigorous workout or simple stretching, it is crucial to keep moving. There are numerous internet choices available, both nationally and locally, and many are entirely free! Check out fitness businesses like CorePower Yoga’s On Demand streaming or Planet Fitness’s free live stream courses every day.

6.Have some musical fun.

You might not be a fan of music, but music will calm you down and make you relax in this period. There is a plethora of music genres to choose from, as well as a plethora of streaming possibilities. This is also a chance to check out Italian artists and enjoy their music type. Many performing artists in Italy are doing living room performances for you to stream. This is the best time to broaden your horizons and try a new genre of music.

7.Discover something new

Have you ever wished to pick up a new language or learn how to use a camera? Take some time to look at “how-to” videos and better understand how things work. You most likely don’t know how to speak the Italian language. This is the period to get familiar with their language and culture too. DuoLingo can help you learn Italian and Life prints can help you learn other Sign Languages.

Author: paul