Ask Pastor Matt: “Wasn’t Hitler a Christian?”


Every week I attempt to answer one of the great questions I get during the week.  Last week someone asked me via Facebook, “Wasn’t Hitler a Christian?” This is an increasingly common attack on Christianity.

The obvious answer is, “no, of course not.  No one who did what Hitler did could be considered a follower of the Jewish son of God who came to sacrifice himself for the lost.”

But I know that skeptics will retort that Hitler was baptized in to the Catholic church as an infant and made statements about “the Lord” in his biography Mein Kampf (or “My Struggle”) and peppered allusions to Christianity in early speeches.

The problem with this is (1) Hitler admitted in his biography that his speeches and book were pure political propaganda.  (2) He privately derided Christianity with zealous hatred.

Hitler’s favorite philosopher was atheist Friedrich Nietzsche.  In fact, he gave copies of his books to Stalin and Mussolini.  Following Nietzsche, Hitler had these words placed over one of the gas ovens in Auschwitz, “I want to raise a generation of young people devoid of conscience, imperious, relentless and cruel.”

Hitler often quoted materialist philosophers with glee.  One of his favorite sayings was that the destruction of the weak is a good thing for the survival of the strong for “nature intended it that way.”

Moreover, in Hitler’s Table Talk, a collection of his private sayings preserved by his closest followers, the “fuhrer”, derides Christianity as a “scourge” and wishes Germany will be the first nation in centuries to be immune from its influence. Hitler went so far as to ban Christmas and demand the Hitler Youth praise him on December 25th rather than Jesus.

Hitler also mocked Christianity for its opposition to Darwinism.  Indeed, many of his closest colleagues, Goebbles, Himmler, Heydrich and Bormann, were outspoken atheists and materialists also some were intrigued by the occult.

That Hitler was a Christian is one of the most pernicious lies perpetrated by modern secularists.  The second, one promoted by revisionist historians, is that Hitler and the Nazis were “right wingers.”  In fact, Hitler and his party were left-wing socialists.  The Nazis were “National Aryan Socialists.”  The only difference between them and communists were that the former was nationalistic while the latter was global in scope.  In fact, the body count racked up by the secular left during the twentieth century alone is staggering and unparalleled in history.  What also goes unreported is that many progressives of the time, like George Bernard Shaw, were enamored with the Nazi party.

The myth that Hitler was a “right-wing Christian” began in the 1950s when leftist academics who had previously supported the Nazi regime began revising history to cover their butts.  They successfully linked the attempts by fundamentalist groups to ban certain books from public libraries (like Henry Miller’s pornographic The Tropic of Cancer) to the burning of books by the Hitler Youth.  But this is really the ONLY thing Nazis had in common with far right-wingers (and historians failed to mention that the Soviets and Chinese had also banned these books).  For example, the Nazis were pro-abortion and pro-euthenasia, a position they took from Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, who Hitler greatly admired. They also supported gun control and national health insurance.

The Nazis also jailed any Christian who dared to criticize them while “tolerating” churches, which kept their faith within the four walls of the church.  This move is being replicated today throughout Europe, Canada and anywhere else where believers dare to do something such as advocate for traditional marriage.

I hope and pray that history does not repeat itself but I’m not so sure.  May God have mercy.

14 thoughts on “Ask Pastor Matt: “Wasn’t Hitler a Christian?”

  1. This reminds me of Richard Dawkins in The God Delusion where he spends a bunch of time blaming religion for atrocities, but then when discussing things like communism, he was basically like, “Hey, we shouldn’t try compare body counts of rival philosophies.” Sure… you were doing that just forty pages ago.

    As far as I’m concerned, the 20th century was the great test of taking materialistic philosophy to its logical ends, and it gave us a shocking amount of evil. Of course, when the logical end of your philosophy puts man as the definer of good and evil because it can’t supply a basis for objective morality, then that shocking amount of evil isn’t really evil, is it?

  2. Whether Hitler was a Christian or not doesn’t really matter. Nazi Germany was mostly CHRISTIAN and they justified antisemitism using the New Testament. Hitler wouldn’t have been able to do anything if not for the Christians that supported him. In fact, Christianity since its early days and throughout most of its history looked down on Jews. It wasn’t until the 20th century when “Christian Zionism” and “Dispensationalism” took on that Christians started to *pretent* they like Jews and Israel (but only because they want to convert us and bring on the Rapture or some other nonsense)

    • Absolutely not true. A person (or nation) is not Christian because they claim to be. A person or group is Christian if, and only if, they revere and attempt to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. While there have been several notable “Christians” who have been anti-semitic and many modern “Christians” who view Israel with a utilitarian Machiavellianism, that does not mean this defines Christianity any more than than Judaism is defined by racist Jews. You can not judge a philosophy by its abuses.

      • Paul, the one who created Christianity as we know it, stabbed his own people in the back and embraced the gentiles, saying our laws and beliefs are outdated. He’s the founder of Christianity and antisemitism as well.

        • That’s a modern myth that has been thoroughly debunked by the best scholarship in the world.

          Answer me this, what did Paul have to gain from such a move if he hadn’t actually encountered the risen Christ?

          And you sound like someone who has already been banned from this site for failure to answer questions while lobbing foolish conspiracy theory after foolish conspiracy theory.

          • “Answer me this, what did Paul have to gain from such a move if he hadn’t actually encountered the risen Christ?”

            You can ask the same questions about Muhammad, Joseph Smith, Rev. Moon and all the other people who claimed to meet Jesus or an angel.

  3. And I would have sensible answers to all of those but not Jesus. Muhammed, Joseph Smith and Rev. Moon all gained sexually and monetarily but not Paul. He lost his family, his position and, eventually, his life.

    BTW, you could level the same charge against Moses. Are you willing to do that?

    You are the same person who has thrown up nonsense while refusing to answer authentic questions. Thus, you are representing yourself dishonestly, which is arguably a violation of the 10 Commandments.


  4. Hello Pastor Matt,

    Very informative post. Thanks a lot. A couple of comments:

    1) You said “Hitler also mocked Christianity for its opposition to Darwinism. Indeed, many of his closest colleagues, Goebbles, Himmler, Heydrich and Bormann, were outspoken atheists and materialists also some were intrigued by the occult.”

    ~ It is interesting to not that Himmler had sympathy for Hinduism. Apparently Himmler was big time into Hinduism. He carried a Bhagavad Gita everywhere he went.

    The other thing:
    ~ Last I checked even wikipedia promotes the idea that the Nazi’s were right-wing. It’s bunk.

    ~ Raj

    • It’s certainly bunk that a socialist movement can be labeled “right wing.” For more see Thomas Sowell’s “Intellectuals and Society” pages 99-100.

      I was aware of Himmler’s fascination with Hinduism but as far as I’m aware he considered the Ghita a fascinating myth. If course, dabbling with the occult says nothing about belief in a personal god. Anton Levay considered himself an atheist occultist.

      Thanks for the comment.


  5. What disturbs me is how there are so many people who accept codswallop about history in general and Christianity in particular without ever doing any research to see if the information is grounded in reality. That’s why I appreciate posts like this one. Thank you for it!

  6. Whether Hitler was or wasn’t a Christian is begging a larger question: can someone be Christian and still commit evil? It is a disingenuous not-a-true-Scottsman fallacy to conclude that anyone who was socially malevolent is kicked out of the club. Christians often say they are not perfect, but forgiven. According to Christian ideology (correct me if I’m wrong), the sacrifice of Jesus paid for each and every sin, regardless of how egregious (unless you deny the Holy Spirit). Thus, any person can commit any number of atrocities in their life, and as long as they honestly repent sometime prior to their death and accept Jesus, it’s as if they did nothing, and they are welcomed into heaven regardless. Which must be cold comfort indeed to all the victims of the recently forgiven perpetrator.

    In sum, this all get’s back to the old Biblical contradiction over whether one is saved by faith alone, or by faith and works. Which is problematic either way. If by faith alone, then God cares only about itself. If by faith and works, then what Jesus did was insufficient in itself. And the Bible has many directly conflicting passages on this very fundamental matter.

    • Dear “Smartyartblast”,

      Hitler openly displayed contempt for Christianity. He denied any faith in it or any other system and openly expressed admiriation for atheism, nihilism and Darwinism. Thus, it is not a fallacy.

      As to “faith v. works,” a person is saved by faith thanks to the work of the Holy Spirit, which will manifest itself in good works. Also, the victims will receive justice either via the cross or hell.

      If you believe the Bible contradicts itself, you should read Dr. Tom Shreiner’s works on the subject.


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