Should a Christian Watch The Walking Dead?

Tonight, the third season of The Walking Dead returns to AMC.  Personally, I am geeked.  I think, despite a slow start, that it has become the best show on TV.

If you don’t know anything about the series, it is set in the aftermath of a seemingly worldwide zombie apocalypse.  A group of survivors led by a former Kentucky sheriff  try to establish a life amidst millions of man-eating ghouls. The writing is crisp and the acting is sharp.

But how should a Christian feel about it?

Unlike many of the most popular and acclaimed shows on cable, The Walking Dead does not contain the sex and nudity that so unnecessarily pervades Game of Thrones or Dexter.  But there is violence, sometime graphic violence including zombies munching on people or animals while their own innards are on public display.

Certainly, The Walking Dead is not for the young.  In my opinion, the graphic violence is too much for even a young teen. Such violence should also be avoided by the small number of people who, for whatever reason, find such scenes to be satisfying in a perverse way.  I advise all Christians to avoid any temptation that strikes at the heart of sin that has not yet been subdued by the spirit of God.

But for people like me who like horror and great drama but aren’t tempted in any way by such violence, The Walking Dead is a standout piece of art that lends itself to serious theological reflection.

I have been writing a book on theology & the zombie genre for a year now and am convinced that it is a great way to discern the ultimate questions our culture is asking and respond to them with the answers provided by Scripture.  The Walking Dead asks questions about meaning, about relationships, about community, about what & who we can trust and about the true nature of humankind, especially when the trappings of polite society are stripped from us.

So, if you are like me and interested in these type of ultimate questions, I highly recommend The Walking Dead.  I especially recommend this forthcoming season for, if the season follows the narrative arc of the comic books on which the series is based on, it will be a heck of a ride this fall!

Season 3 premiers tonight at 9 p.m. on AMC (I guess if you have Dish, you’re screwed!).

72 thoughts on “Should a Christian Watch The Walking Dead?

  1. Did you catch the amazing pro-life commentary in season 2? Where one person wouldn’t kill zombies because they were living beings, which was in parallel to a story line where a woman struggles over the choice of keeping her baby or having an abortion? Deep subjects handled very well by the writers & actors!

  2. I’ve decided to put The Walking Dead away. After witnessing a gory scene compounded by another tragedy in the latest episode (S03E04) I felt crushed and violated. I felt as though I may have participated in a ritual of Satan’s cult of death. Phil 4:8 comes to mind and after more than two seasons of The Walking Dead I find that after watching an episode I am starved for those things in Phil 4:8. Is it a coincidence that I feel starved for immaterial things by watching zombies starved for material flesh? As soon as I put the show away and do something else, I feel a lot better.

    One way of looking at The Walking Dead is as a grand tour of death. It explores the death of many things and how they affect us:
    – The Death of Childhood
    – The Death of Relationships
    – The Death of Abundance
    – The Death of Civilization
    – The Death of Reason
    – The Death of Charity
    – The Death of Sanity
    – The Death of Technology
    – The Death of Convenience
    – The Death of Peace

    The show has also explored the death of faith and the death of hope. What I find most disappointing is that the show is actually very enjoyable and a lot of fun. But I know that in consideration of my soul’s health watching this show is like eating Twinkies: I love the taste (fun show), but eventually I get sick and want to throw-up (deciding to stop watching), which hurts but is good because it could damage my health otherwise (soul’s health).

    I wonder if I have to repent of some sin in my life that makes apocalyptic stories so very appealing to me. Would (post) apocalyptic stories still appeal to me if I was not curious about fear or these themes of death? My wife and I watched a lot of horror films for Halloween on Netflix and I made it my personal duty to rate them appropriately. I found that “The Innkeepers” was the best because I thought it mixed a lot of mystery with a little paranormal activity that resulted in an exceptionally frightening end. Many others were garbage, filled with senseless gore and screaming, not scary at all. Lately I have made myself a connoisseur of scary stories.

    For Halloween had dinner at a restaurant that used to be the old train station in New Westminster because rumor has it that it is haunted. We talked to our server about it and he informed us of the tunnels in the basement that stretch for over a mile underground all the way to Woodlands, the old mental hospital where it is well known that many unspeakable atrocities occurred. We explored the Woodlands area, a 20-acre area which today has been converted into many subdivisions except for a few places: a memorial, the boiler house, a vacant lot with rubble from the demolished bell tower. Interestingly enough, Google Street view doesn’t work in this area, but you can look at some of the landmarks (North of McBride and Royal Ave, New Westminster, BC, Canada). These tunnels were used to transport patients from the hospital to the train station simply because it wasn’t classy to transport psych patients on the streets in clear view. Later I learned that Stephen King’s 1990 horror classic “It” was filmed on location in these tunnels. I watched this movie when I was little and it had etched scenes in my memory that have been crystal clear ever since. So then my wife and I watched “It” and scared ourselves a lot more, now I am very curious about these tunnels and I want to explore them myself.

    I’m not sure why I mentioned these other things, maybe as a backdrop for my decision to put away “The Walking Dead” or maybe to illustrate my habitual curiosity. I will probably rely on AMC’s web-site and read the episode summaries from week to week to keep my curiosity at bay.

    • @Jonathan I think you’re right. If one wants to learn about spiritual things, there’s God and His Word. We do not need to make “morals of the story” or the “spiritual parallels” a justification to do what we want to do. I agree with you on Phil 4:8. I believe it was the inner witness of the Holy Spirit. Evil can be so cleverly disguised in seemingly harmless things. We must be watchful of the things we let our eyes see and the things we let our ears hear. Otherwise, we’d be desensitized to things such as violence, lust, fear, etc. And we must never get used to these things. We must let our minds be renewed with the Word of God. I personally do not like watching horror movies. Even if there’s an element of heroism or good triumphs over evil theme, things such as horror movies or even movies that feature fallen beings that were originally seen as evil like vampires and witches are inspired by Satan and in turn inspire fear, even obsession. I’ve been dealt with by God on this issue myself, growing up on Harry Potter books. I believe that Philippians 4:8 should end this dilemma. “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” There shouldn’t even be a debate about this. And if we profess ourselves to belong to Jesus, we should jealously guard our hearts against any passion or desire that pollutes or tries to usurp our love for Him.

      • Dear M ! Thank you very much for such words , it means a lot to me as I’m “old fashioned mama” of 3 young kids and not keen on HarryPotter ! Tks making me sure I’m on the right way with my boys ! :) <3

    • I agree. im a christian and I represent life. bc thats what Jesus did 4 me. he died but then 3 days later he came back to life for me. Jesus represents life not death. THE WALKING DEAD are people that are walking, dead. If we are christians that walk with Jesus we are walking with life, not death

      • Yani, thanks for stopping by but I’m unclear as to what you mean. The Walking Dead primarily refers to zombies threatening the living. It isn’t a spiritual statement. Blessings,

        • As i have only currently begun watching the series, i do see some theology being put forth in that show, even though the producers may not intend to do so. First, the walking dead. Comparing zombies to unbelievers–not that unbelievers look like zombies, but consider how our sin appears to God (ghastly) and that unbelievers go about in their sins (dead) before a holy God. Unbelievers are the walking dead (spiritually speaking). Second, the reaction of a group of living people when they meet another group of living people. They don’t want to help each other, but instead want to kill each other. I know that is how the producers wanted it, but it is a good reflection of the evil that is found in the heart of man. Just a thought to consider.

    • I’ve been curious if any others felt this way because I love this show like a lot, but I feel bad about watching it… like waking up . panic attacks bad and idk if it’s just me or if God really may not want me watching it, but it has such a good story line and I love survival situations it’s not necessarily the zombies that I like watching to the scenarios of how society falls and idk I just find it extremely interesting. .. but I sit here kinda sad after my boyfriend just called to say it was dead time and I had to tell him ill have to pass…. I’ve watched a lot of spoilers and I have a peaked curiosity of how the season will go and I tomorrow I will be asked what I Thought of it and I’m not sure how to go about saying I don’t feel like I should watch it anymore… and everyone knows how much I love the show :(

      • YOU MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE! Its not a show that God would want us to watch. Its Satanic and not from God. It gory porn .Just as bad for the soul.

        • Gory porn? Really? There is nothing “porn” about the show. And God wouldn’t want you to watch it? This show is NOT satanic. I’m sorry you feel that way. I wish you the best. I’ll go on watching and LOVING the show.

    • With great relief I read your comment ! At least someone that thinks like me ! Tks God I’m not watching it nor my 13yo son ! Though his schoolmates are . God is God ! May He bless and protect us through this world .

  3. @ jonathan. i absolutely agree with you. bravo for expressing your points so well.

    my problem with this show, is that it is fueling our distrust and mistreatment for one another. it celebrates death and gore and i am disturbed at the thought of millions of people at home watching a kid getting impaled or shot in the face and cheering it on…

    believe it or not images can harm our psyche. this show isn’t just slaughtering the undead, it is turning the living viewer, it is impairing our empathy and humanity and that imo is the kind of thing demons cheer for.


    • Peggy i would like to friend you onFacebook. I like your style. If you would find me…its Debbie shampaner from Brooklyn new york. Thanks.

    • How does this show Glorify God? Is God JESUS CHRIST mentioned? Are the survivors getting their strength from God? I think you know what the bible says about cannibalism. This show is number 1 in the world. The False God of this world is Satan. Anything number 1 in this world is not from God. Music Top artist art Anti God. Movies are Godless crap. You Matt are a friend of this world. You are no pastor and by the comments most Real Christians disagree with you. The Godless Atheist in here agree with you. My nephew is 27 and if you started taking to him about the walking dead he would rebuke you and walk away. Knowing the truth.

    • You want to see someone destroyed? No hope they could find God and be saved. Do they love God in this show. Does this show glorify God. To they pray in this show or mention Jesus. Do they get their strength from God. Are you a friend of this world.

  5. My 16 year old son has been watching some episodes. We are ‘old fashioned’ in the sense that we have 1 television. So if he wants to watch, we’re subjected to it, whether we’re interested in it or not. Now I can ignore hours of mindless Disney drivel that the kids watch, but this show comes on and I am horrified. The violence is beyond anything I can imagine anyone would want to see, particularly those who are Christians. I am not a prude, we’ll watch the Law and Order shows, some other cop shows as well. But it’s never done in such a manner that it revolts me.

    I remember the day when in an effort to avoid worldliness Christians wouldn’t attend movies. My parents tell of not going to see The Sound of Music because they viewed the theater as a worldly place. Well obviously that more has passed from Christian culture. I sometimes wish it would come back. The church is irrelevant in this culture, and when Pastors endorse entertainment like this I really wonder if we’re doomed to failure in the United States.

    • You are the parent and if your conscious and holy spirit is convicting you to turn the violence and gore off. I would listen and turn the channel. You are the parent and if your child doesn’t like it to bad. Hopefully the Holy spirit will convict them and they will stop watching on their own but don’t wait for that. Bible says to set nothing in front of you that gives the appearance of evil. Killing and gore is pure evil. God bless.

  6. I see the walking dead more as preemptive forshadowing. the “walkers” represent christians, and the survivors are humankind trying to progress forward, facing the challenges of how to deal with an outdated theology holding all mankind hostage.

    • So you can justify anything if you want I guess. To say this show represents Christians and/or Christianity makes me wonder if you have any clue what Christianity is.

      • Steve, I would suggest you read books such as Pop Culture Wars by William D. Romanowski, a professor at Calvin College. The book, as well as others, demonstrates that the Christian aversion to “adult themes” in pop culture is actually a product of the post-millennial movement of the 19th century not necessarily a pure, 1st century version of Christianity. Blessings,

      • Agreed, Steve. Those who use scripture to justify their sinful actions is sickening. All signs of the End Times.

    • Outdated Theology. Youre obviously not a Christian. The bible is Gods word and it is up to date and happening. You see nothing that is predicted in the bible.

  7. Matthew 18:3. Do we truly believe that we need to become as little children to be pleasing to our Lord? If this is not appropriate for little children then who should watch it?

    • Matthew 18 speaks of Christians becoming trusting and humble like children in re: to faith and service but it doesn’t mean that adults should avoid places where it is inappropriate for children to go. For example, Paul regularly worked and ministered in the Roman marketplace where, among other things, prostitution was common. Yet, Paul was not sinning to go there. Yet, it would be sin for someone to go if he could not abstain from engaging the prostitutes. So, again, it is a matter of whether or not it leads a person to sin. Blessings.

      • Paul also said that we have great freedom in Christ Jesus. I truly believe that, however he also said that not all things are profitable. What is it in this secular programing that we find profitable. We truly must ask ourselves in all that we do; is this profitable to my, or those within our sphere of influence, spiritual encouragement?

        • Rick, for me it is profitable because it (and similar shows) grants me a point-of-contact with unbelievers, especially those under 30 who are my primary mission field. Just as Paul quoted pagan prophets to connect with people on Mars Hill, I quote from pop culture to connect with young people who are part of a post-Christian world where you can not even assume they know what you mean when you say, “God.” Blessings.

          • I can’t comment on the content of the show as I have not utilized the time to watch. Going on the name alone I would have to say that the “walking dead” would be more analogize to anyone who has yet to experience the freedom we have in Christ Jesus. Prior to dieing to my self, my wants, wishes, and desires, I had no idea what joy and freedom there is in knowing that I did not have to do it. I could not do it. no matter what I did I could not release myself from my past. I was dead in my past with no way of escape. Thanks be to God for his loving kindness in providing to me the Perfect since I could not be. For offering up the Perfect since I could not. For raising the Perfect so that I too can be raised from my death to walk in newness of life.
            Preach Christ and him crucified, raised on the third day for us to open our hearts to accept his perfect love.

          • Rick, with all due respect you didn’t address my statement. So, let me ask, was Paul sinning on Mars Hill by quoting pagan poets in order to gain a hearing before preaching Christ crucified? If not, it is no different than watching something like The Walking Dead, which is a post-apocalyptic drama, to also gain a hearing. Blessings,

      • Matt you are a worldly man. Not good. I would not listen to you for more than a minute. No Godly wisdom just worldly. I get my knowledge from the bible not man.

      • Looks like an old discussion but perhaps I can still get your response to this comment Matt. By the way, thanks for taking on a challenging subject. I don’t think the analogy of Paul in the Roman market place is a good one to justify watching the Walking Dead. It seems from the account in Acts that Paul most often looked for places of at least some genuine spiritual interest, such as a synagogue or a place of prayer-See Acts 16:13. Several verses later Luke says that they were going to a place of prayer when they encountered a slave girl. So the case can be made that Paul was “in” the Roman marketplace. He passed through on his way to other places. It is hard to see how that can be used as justification for watching a gore filled show like The Walking Dead in the name of Jesus. If the book of Acts said that Paul regularly spent time in front of the area where prostitutes advertised their bodies and he stared at their half naked bodies in an attempt to more adequately understand the depravity of the culture, the hopelessness of slavery, and the anxiety of the individuals trapped there, then perhaps be might find justification for watching what is undoubtedly the most gore filled show ever to land on television. But nothing of the sort happened in the life of the apostle Paul and there is nothing that would permit us to make a case for such behavior. We could say the same about the ministry of Jesus. To point out that prostitutes and “sinners” were drawn to him is by no means to say that he hung out at “prostitution alley” staring at their bodies in order to understand them better. And this seems to be the argument that those Jesus followers in favor of watching the Walking Dead are trying to make. Supposedly, while feasting on this “gore fest”, and it is that, (see comments below), Christians are better able to understand the culture they live in. Consider these comments from the Plugged In review of the Walking Dead.

        “Indeed, after visiting the show’s set, horror film reviewer Jeff Otto of said, “This may well be the bloodiest show ever seen on television.” and “Show producer/writer/director Frank Darabont told, “We can’t say f—, but you can shoot a zombie in the head at point-blank range. I love this business.” And when Slate columnist Tim Cavanaugh discussed The Walking Dead’s envelope-incinerating approach, he wrote, “It would be ironic if basic cable TV, which remains so squeamish on sexual matters but so tolerant of violence, became the medium for the kind of cannibal holocausts that used to be found only in unrated grindhouse gut-munchers. But it would still be welcome.”

        I wonder what we would find if we compared the enthusiasm for the Walking Dead, determination to see the Walking Dead each week, indeed the commitment not to miss an episode, among professing Christians with their enthusiasm for fellowship with Jesus, their determination to meet with him each day, and their commitment not to miss this time?

        I would agree with those who find Philippians 4:8 to provide good guidance for TV viewing. To that I would add Psalm 1:1-3. How many of Jesus’ followers who are avid watchers of The Walking Dead truly delight in him, in spending time in his word, as much as they do the things of the world? And as a minister of the gospel is it not my calling to encourage people to find their most consistent, regular, enthusiastic and committed delight in Him, especially in this day in which the world offers so many delights that are so far from him? I know of no poll to answer those questions, but I think you would agree that if we asked the average Christian fan of The Walking Dead about the show, latest episodes, etc. and then after all the enthusiastic conversation about this popular show turned the subject to Jesus and the personal discipline and joy of daily fellowship with him in his word and prayer, we would see a shift in the conversation and would quickly hear how they don’t read their bible, don’t pray much, etc. I think the cause of Christ would be better served and Jesus would be better honored if as ministers we spent more time encouraging people in the latter pursuit instead of trying to justify the former pursuit.

        His servant and yours. Paul

        • Paul, this is all getting a bit repetitive but let me state it all again one more time: (1) Paul was “in” the marketplace, that’s how he made his living. (2) If you take gore or sex or whatever as the test of whether to place it before your eyes than you have to take the book of Judges and a lot of other portions of the Old Testament out of your Bible; (3) If something does not lead you to sin, it may be not only permissible but a helpful way to evangelize. Pop culture is the lingua franca of the western world. All the best.

    • Rick this Matt guy is no Christian. He is a false teacher. He is looking to pollute the word of God. Rebuked.

  8. It’s true that Paul was quoting the obvious when he went on to teach of what they had not yet known, “The Unknown God”. Jesus himself taught us not to hinder any who are doing good in his name, Mark 9:38. It is a natural progression of evangelism to meet anyone where they are in what ever level of understanding that they have of spiritual matters as Philip did when he led the Ethiopian eunuch to the Lord.
    When you watch TV you involve three modes of learning, visual, auditory, and tactical. To the extent that you let any material into your heart that you do when viewing “TV” must be thoroughly brought before the scrutiny of our spirit given by the Lord himself. I thing that we to cavalierly allow nonspiritual pap into our hearts on a daily basis. I am speaking to myself here.
    Bottom line is, of course you meet anyone on any level to guide them to a greater understanding of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That does not mean that you allow yourself to be overwhelmed with worldly hindrances that are not guiding us to a closer likeness to Him. The old “WWJD” “What Would Jesus Do” is a simple saying that I have a greater understanding of. Less and less of myself and more and more of Jesus.
    If you truly feel that you are spiritually uplifted and led to watch this show and that by viewing it you have a way to reach out to others then by all means go for it. We all must live within the limits of our own conscience.
    In Love….

  9. I am looking up advice on this topic. I do not watch, The Walking Dead, I do not like horror movies. However my 16 year old son loves it. He is actively involved with the Church of Jesus and serves within a local Church
    body. I have seen the Holy Spirit working in his life- Praise Jesus! I have also watch him struggle with worldly things. We have been lucky enough to have an open Church Family that addresses attacks on teens and unfortunaly we have seen that our son had been viewing pornoraphy last year. It was heartbreaking – yet directly addressed ( so thankful for the honestly of others in our church before we found out and knew this was something than many young teens and Christians struggle with). I believe and pray that struggle is behind him. I pray the things he saw will be wiped out if his mind and not used as a weapon of the enemy to attack His walk with Jesus. I was not worried about him watching the walking dead. I feel he is a good kid- hangs out mainly with other kids who love God and understands he is a work in progress. In the past few weeks, we have seen a spiritual stronghold and battle in his life, I have a deep gift of discernment; however, my husband, who is also a devoted follower of Jesus and in The Word daily, does not see or feel the struggles I do. I’m currently praying about what to do and not do, we have to pick our battles as parents of teens and also let our kids make many decisions on their own. I agree with Pastor Matt, it is ultimatly a personal spiritual decision on each person and if it honestly brings up or hurts our walk with Christ to watch this. I am concerned my son puts more importance on watching this show each week- than having time in Gods word. He has just this past year accepted a ministry opportunity with our youth group and I have watch many attacks come at him. Unfortunaly, he does not see the attacks coming and when he is in them like I am seeing them. I truly don’t want to make him stop watching this show and control all aspects if his life- if I’m not certain that it is not causing him spiritual harm. However he is currently being disciplined and he did not get to watch it last night. His reaction was somewhat- argumentative and upset – wat too upset over a wordly TV series. (We even allowed it to tape so he could watch it later when he was allowed) Anyway, I don’t question that he is Gods child and at this point I’m praying boldly that if this show – or anything else is causing him spiritual harm – The Lord will remove it from his life. Also that if his father and I need to help remove anything from his life- that The Holy Spirit will show us what it is.
    At this time- I’m not convinced it is this show – but I’m praying about it.

  10. What a sad way to view the walking dead series, as “art”. What about when the psalmist said “I will put no vile thing before my eyes” psalms 101:3 or when job said “I’ve made a covenant with my eyes”. Truth of the matter is the walking dead is senseless violence paraded as entertainment. Viewing it adds nothing meaningful to your life

    • Scott, thanks for the comment but with all due respect, you are taking Scripture out of context. It certainly does add something meaningful to many people’s lives as I know many pastors who watch it and discuss it from a theological perspective. Blessings,

      • God fearing Christians!! The Walking dead is completely ungodly. You think Jesus would set his eyes for hours on such disturbing and disgusting things. I will answer. NO!!! Zombies are the dead . This is mocking Gods resurrection. You think the different way they kill zombies is cool? That’s satanic and sick. Do you not see the worlds agenda with TV ? Its all garbage. MY HOLY SPIRIT GOES OFF!! I can’t watch and won’t. No God fearing Christian should be setting their eyes on evil. There is no reason you should be watching or enjoying this. You are so lost that you think its OK because you don’t get tempted while watching? Seriously. Feeding your mind this garbage will destroy your soul. No thanks. Focus on what’s pleasing to God. This cannot get farther from God. Any REAL Christian that watches this should really refresh his heart. People this Zombie obsession is from Satan. I read and avoid TV . if you think God is OK with this. HES NOT. I would need a shower and to repent after setting my eyes and liking that evil. Rebuke the walking dead and set your eyes on things that would please God. So you read 4 hours a day? That makes it OK because like time spent reading has to do with holyiness . NOT. Wake up people. Jesus is coming. Get ready. God bless.

        • This is a group of people who dont give up on living and they show people who have committed suicide by choice because of fear. And these choose life despite the horror . And they respect each other. There are many ways to look at something like this. Its deep and thought provoking. Not mindless sex and hate. Remember its from an underground comic….brought to the screen with great talent.

          • Do these survivors mention Jesus? Are they getting their strength from God to carry on? How is God glorified on this show.

  11. If you feel convicted don’t watch it but who are you to judge others if they do watch it especially if they read and pray and love. Jesus commands us to love in the new testament. If we are loving and have the holy spirit but don’t feel convicted then I don’t see nothing wrong with watching walking dead. As long as we don’t make Walking Dead our God and would pick to help others over the show when it comes down to it then it’s ok. We just shouldn’t watch it around those it convicts because that isn’t love. I hope I made since. I hope God blesses y’all and gives us all discernment

  12. Sara, I had the exact same experience only worse. I was new to watching the show last year. After, the old shows appeared on a local channel I started watching and became addicted to it. I watched several episodes back to back on my phone for a few weeks and started to have nightmares every night and felt like there was even a “presence” in my house. I think it was because of the quantity that I was watching at once. Anyway, I prayed about it and also got the conviction of the Holy Spirit that I should not be watching. After not watching it for 2 weeks, I felt better and the nightmares went away after the first night. I struggle now as I still have the desire to watch it to find out what happens, but know that it is not Godly or good for me. I also have always loved Apocalyptic movies too and that part of the show is good, but with the zombies thrown in, it is just too much constant gore and I do believe that it desensitizes you to violence.

  13. Hello, I want to address “concerned mom’ especially. I think your approach to your son’s watching The walking Dead is very balanced, you do not nag him but pray for him. I think that praying and committing yourself tot he Holy Spirit’s leading before you engage in a program like this is paramount to your growth. I personally cannot watch this show as I am totally blind and so won’t really be able to follow it but I do think it can under the right circumstances, spawn a discussion about life and death and the after life. We need to engage the culture where we can but not to get caught u in it to the exclusion of Christ and our faith.

    • Like anything else, it seems Walking Dead is habit forming if the viewer is not careful. Like Kerri, I am totally blind and would get nothing out of this show, and that’s fine with me since I never was into anything with gore and guts, even before my salvation. From what I have read, I do think we need to be extremely careful what we let into our homes and minds because the enemy does have a way of making it so gradual you don’t notice until it’s too late. Concerned Mom, I pray that your son does talk to God about this program, as I gather he’s not addicted but could be at risk of being so; at least that’s my impression. God bless you!

  14. I agree that the Writer of this Walking Dead show will answer to God as to why he was able to turn the minds and hearts of tens of millions of people world wide away from him to glorify death and the most satanic form of lifeless, soulless monsters preying on those left alive.
    American’s fifty years ago would never have allowed such trash into t magazine or television this would have been a really bad B movie during Halloween at a drive in theatre.
    American’s have neither the intellect or morality to damn a show of this character or protect children from it, Lastly and foremost this film is entirely devoid of God, thus it is pointless to watch. Satan is well pleased with it’s ability to take millions away from Jesus and his mercy. and no souls will be saved or gain an ounce of grace from this rabid stupidity of media..

  15. For those so harshly judging Matt, I have this to say with loving concern: Jesus, above all, called us to Love. Now if we are commanded to Love our enemies more than even ourselves, then how must it look to our Lord that we so harshly, even hatefully rebuke and judge a brother in Christ rather than loving display concern? While I myself have reached a point where I am not sure if I should watch The Walking Dead anymore, I refuse to judge a fellow Christian over a choice to engage the culture in order to reach others with the Gospel. As a follower of Christ I am commanded to Love others (as His greatest command), judge not as that authority is solely God’s purview and forgive all to all lest He claim not know me when my time comes. With Love brothers and sisters.

  16. The walking dead is full of violence, death, sexual content, and now homosexuality. Even the characters in the show question where God is at. Speaks for itself. Dark if you ask me.

  17. Count me in on not watching from here on out. Not just ‘the kiss’–although it was the last straw. I’ve watched it since episode #1, and there have been red flags and uncomfortable moments throughout (to include many non-homosexual situations), and still I kept watching–closing my eyes to them. The first episode of this second-half season alluded to divine intervention (the storm that took down trees and zombies, but kept the barn intact)–along with the last line of the show spoken by the (unbeknownst at the time) gay guy–‘tell Rick I have good news’–making me think of–‘good news=’gospel’. Wow. Talk about being duped. Now I know I should have stopped watching it a long time ago. Willingly blind and shame on me. I knew better and still I watched. No more.

    • The whole show is making fun of Jesus.

      John 6:53-54 Then Jesus said to them, most assuredly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.

      Gal 6:7 Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

      2Peter 3:3 last days scoffers will come

  18. Hi Matt, so you acknowledge that this show could lead some into sin. Yet, you justify you watching it and promoting it by acknowledging it as a point if contact.

    Does the Bible not say just because something is permissib le doesnt make it ok if it could cause a brother to stumble? How do you reconcile this issue? Is watching this show a Spirit led thing or an addiction to entertainment? I think you are giving yourself too much credit for drawing people to Christ where its the Lords place.

    • Ashley, the Apostle Paul ministered in the Roman marketplace that included half-naked women plying their trade of prostitution. Was he sinning when he did so if he was not tempted? Was he tempting others to do so by writing about it?

      • Paul was not taking part in the prostitution nor promoting it as ok. There are none who practice prostitution yet are not tempted. However you claim some can honor the show “The Walking Dead” and not be sinning. Therefore those are two different things by your logic. However I think “The Walking Dead” is a type of spiritual mockery and spiritual prostitution. Even so Paul may would minister to those around and preach grace despite it all he would not participate nor cause a brother to stumble by defending prostitution.

        • In short, he was ministering in spite of prostitution. Not as a ministry tool. Big Difference.

      • Finish your race well and keep your eyes on Jesus and not on the things of this world which are passing away. We all need to examine ourselves if we truly want to be pleasing to the Lord. We are living in the end times so there’s much urgency to be made worthy of Jesus returning. Christians are being murdered by the masses right now and it’s time to get serious. Let’s stand together against the enemy and not tolerate his distractions anymore. We need more Paul’s to be in the world but not if it. God bless

        • I don’t see nothing in this to be harmful guys I’m a saved christian and I LOVE IT

  19. My first question is “What fellowship does light have with darkness?” We need to focus on light not darkness, on hope not hopelessness, on life, not the culture of death. My second question is “Why would Christians want to focus on death”, if you are in the light, why would the darkness appeal to you?” You must ask yourself if you are truly in the light.

  20. Have watched this show from the day it started.
    Jesus has been in my life every since I was a child but I failed Him was a drunk for one. My dad died and I shut Him out actually thought oh He never existed not true.
    He called me back I am not a drunk any more I can hear His messages to me now.
    I looked up this topic as He told me that this show is not pleasing to Him.
    It mocks God our Father.
    Those examples have been listed here by other posters.
    This show does not make me sin at all it’s a matter of principal.
    If one loves Him why would one watch this show ?
    You make a decision yes it’s an entertaining show but what do you love more?
    The Holy Spirit in your life standing over you guiding you showing you love and salvation or the show?
    I gave it up today the Walking Dead I don’t want Him our Lord to leave me I like Him here in my life. I’ll get over it giving up this show.

    If one is unsure pray on it He will give you an answer it’s not always one we expect or even like but if we tell Him we love Him you bet He will take us up on it.
    Don’t forget obedience .
    I’m not perfect there’s so much to learn just wanted to share as after prayer and listening to sermon last night in bed I got an answer this morning while barely waking up.

    God Bless All Of You.

  21. Folks, If you’re a Christian and watch/enjoy The Walking Dead, don’t look for approval on a website. These forums are a high tech bathroom wall. You will inevitably run into comments from people who have a hard time with the concept of a *good* show about *bad* things. In their eyes, you’re also being bad for watching bad things. They may never change, or “get it”. It’s just easier to point outward at others’ behavior than to look inward, and simple to go with the “what goes into a man” making him clean or unclean thing. Watch with thankfulness for a good (fictional) story. No matter how far from the original light of creation a man is, he retains a spark of that original image-bearing light. We would be careful in rejecting creative people’s work, lest we offend the Creator. (paraphrased from John Calvin.)

  22. I watch the Walking Dead because it reminds me what I am up against in the “real world”. Most of the world we live in is “walking dead” so to speak; hungry but never satisfied. The “living” attacked on every side, sometimes by people claiming to be moral.

  23. Wow, I don’t know if this will make a difference for anyone who actually needs to hear it but…

    There are a lot of people here, who have been living in Alexandria too long (within the walls of the safe and familiar). There are still people out there, and we should be doing everything we can to bring them inside the walls, instead of shooting everyone who isn’t part of our group.

    The apostle Paul ALSO said “I am all things to all men, that I might win some to Christ”. By partaking in the culture around us, we can start conversations and relationships because we have things in common. Where is YOUR humanity?

    “We all have a job to do”.

  24. I wonder how many people who are against the Walking Dead and then waste countless hours on things like Facebook.

    I’m not recommending the walking dead but please pluck the log out of your eyes

    • Please! Apples and oranges. Someone being on Facebook has NOTHING to do with the ultraviolent killing of people and zombies that are portrayed on The Walking Dead. The show is not uplifting to God/Christ in any way.

  25. Walking Dead teaches me more about leadership dan many books on leadershhip that i av read. Seeing Rick caring for his team,making every one in his team fearless,knowing what to do in each situation. To me is a good movie.although i seive out the unwanted parts and focus on the good. But if it affects you negatively stay away.

  26. I see walkers as satanic pollutions trying to eat up your spiritual power in order to make you dead. Cos in a sinful state,a man is dead.
    Other living beigns trying to kill others reminds me of Jesus Statement ‘i send you like a sheep among wolves’
    and generally,the Film calls my mind to what shall be happening after the RAPTURE. To get me prepared. We can learn from the World,Moses sent out spices,Joshua dis the same, u want to canquer Jericho?go and see their way of life. So God can use anything to warn us of impending dangers. Walking Dead film to me is like am in a spiritaul class

  27. Matt,
    Looks like you originally set out with the best of intentions, but as with many conversations among self-professed Christians the haters showed up and started hating without even taking your initial premise, or the content on which they comment with so little actual knowledge or authority, seriously.
    I think that it’s the phrasing, “Should Christians watch the Walking Dead?” that invited all of this self-serving digression.
    I would ask, “If Christians shouldn’t be watching the Walking Dead then should they be reading Numbers through Judges in the Hebrew Bible?”
    I imagine that many will say that the “Old” Testament is invalidated by Christ’s sacrifice (e.g. God’s self sacrifice), but I would respond to that claim by pointing out that Jesus was re-presenting and reinforcing Jewish Law, not setting out to supersede it.
    Walking Dead raises the same ethical questions that the Books of Moses (Genesis-Deuteronomy) were raising, and arrives at many of the same answers.

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