Dear Ron Paul Supporters, Please Grow Up

In between phone calls and emails, I watched portions of the roll call vote at the Republican National Convention yesterday.  If you missed it, and I’m sure most of you had better things to do, Congressman Ron Paul’s supporters were a bit upset.

The Republican National Committee refused to seat a number of Paul delegates and all but ignored the hundred or so votes for the Texas Representative.  This prompted Paul’s supporters to waive middle fingers and shout expletives at the RNC Chair.

Now, let me preface what I am about to write by saying that (1) I believe the RNC is in the wrong.   They should have seated the delegates and counted the votes.  (2) With the exception of foreign policy and the occasional conspiratorial pronouncement, I agree with Ron Paul.  His straight forward way of speaking is refreshing.  He is well read and generally adheres to the Constitution (what a concept!).  I love that he has re-introduced libertarian economics into the general political dialogue.

That being said, the tantrum thrown by Paul’s supporters was nothing short of childish.  Two wrongs do not make a right and their red-faced wrong just reinforced the media stereotype that Paulites are extremists.  Moreover, anyone with any common sense knew what was coming! The RNC had made their position very clear before the convention began.  Throwing a fit on the floor was a bit like Claude Raines in Casablanca smugly decrying the presence of a gambling parlor while collecting his winnings.

In the end, Congressman Paul lost–plain and simple.  His supporters need to accept it and think about the future.  If they want to continue to be a force on the right, they can’t act like children in front of the C-Span cameras.

I don’t mind the Paulites protesting the RNC’s decision.  As I stated earlier, I certainly disagreed with it.  But how one protests is often as important the protest itself.  In 1976, Ronald Reagan supporters carried on a lengthy, but profanity free, demonstration.  It was reported positively and helped Reagan with his 1980 run.  It is important to remember that politics is an important part of…well…politics.

I want the “Ron Paul Revolution” to continue.  I have high hopes for his son Rand.  BUT it will not continue if the face of the movement is red and the “love” symbol is replaced with a middle finger.

Take a cue from Bill Murray in “Ground Hog Day” and “don’t drive angry.”

9 thoughts on “Dear Ron Paul Supporters, Please Grow Up

  1. You left out something, and perhaps you didn’t understand what happened.

    To be nominated as a candidate and afforded a speech at the convention prior to the roll call vote, you needed to be nominated by 5 states or territories.

    Ron Paul was nominated by Nevada, Minnesota, Iowa, Oregon, Alaska, and the Virgin Islands.

    So the RNC and Romney’s campaign upped the bar to 8 states or territories. Passed by a voice vote where the nays were much louder than the ayes.

    This wasn’t Oklahoma (where the state party cheated), or Louisiana (another state ignoring rules) or New Hampshire, or Washington, or Oregon. This was the national convention, the RNC, the Mother Ship.

    It is worth the protest, and it is worth taking a stand.

    • Paul, I stated in the post that the RNC was in the wrong. I do not in any way endorse what they did. BUT, as I stated, 2 wrongs do NOT make a right. A protest is fine but the way they protested was out-of-line and fed the stereotype that Ron Paul supporters are all immature (a charge I hear repeatedly in conservative circles but disagree with). I want the Ron Paul movement to continue but there is a smart way to do so and a dumb way. The way the protest was conducted was the dumb way!

    • That’s it. The Romney camp cheated from the beginning of the process. I thought I could hold my nose, but this was such an act of treachery and deceit that I can’t in good conscience vote for the likes of Romney. The amazing thing is that the vast majority of americans don’t even know the implications of these new “rules”… no more grass roots candidates now and in the future. I’m voting Gary Johnson.

  2. I honestly have had moments I wanted to cry over this crap. It’s so frustrating & discouraging to realize that the GOP that I once loved doesn’t care about my voice. They’ve forced me out over the years. I was once very loyal to them. As I began to learn more & develop my own opinions it became clear that they didn’t fit all my values. I was ok w/ that & continued to id w/ them. I became more & more disheartened however as I began to mature & see things I didn’t like. It seems as if the GOP has been hijacked by the extreme Christian right, warmongers & people who use fear to control our votes & unless you play by their rules you don’t matter. But when Ron Paul stepped up to run for the GOP ticket my faith was renewed.
    Again I was sad watching the way his fellow nominees & the media dismissed him. He was ignored & his values & the important roles he’s played in politics were trivialized. During the dabates I witnessed the crowds clap & cheer & give him standing ovations. Didn’t he win some of the rounds? But even after that the media didn’t even mention him. I couldn’t believe it. (I’m so naive) And I realized that no one cares about him…& no one cares about me.
    What’s even more odd is that I’ve heard from people across party lines that were hoping he’d win! GOP and hardcore liberals alike. He makes sense to people. But the GOP has done an amazing job of portraying him as some wierdo. Those who said they didn’t like him often either couldn’t tell me why or said that it’s b/c he’s a wierd guy! I tried to get them to tell me what was wierd about him or where they got that view & it was clear that they had developed that view from the media & listening to other GOP members!
    Last night I was so offended by what Newt said. He stated that Ron Paul wasn’t a good candidate b/c he has strong views that haven’t changed and that he sticks to his values and this meants he wasn’t a team player like Newt and others who’s goal it was to ensure that the Dems are beat. (paraphrase) WTF! Let me point out the issues I noticed in this simple statement, a statement that likely went unnoticed yet speaks to the mindset of the GOP currently. 1. In a day when everyone is criticized for being a flip-flopper they’re upset b/c he sticks to his values.
    2. Newt basically said that Ron Paul is genuine & trustworthy.
    3. Being a team player means going along with the rules of the GOP rather than the people that elect you.
    4. We live in a time where each party has worked to polarize us all. They use propaganda to force us to hate the other party & work to get the other party out rather than focus on the values of the part we support. The final part of the statement was confirmation of that in my eyes. Their goal is to get the Dems out…not just make things better.
    And you may be right…maybe I do need to grow up. Because my feelings are seriously hurt. I’m so angry and I’ve been angry through this whole process. And my anger is turning into apathy b/c I’m realizing I have no voice. I can only hope that others will one day see what is happening here. It’s disappointing to see how easily people are being manipulated by each party.
    And I also hope that others that support Ron Paul will join me in writing him in still. I will NOT vote for someone I don’t believe in anymore. All I have left is my vote. I have no confidence in our government. I have no trust in them. I have no respect for them. But still…I have my vote. Maybe I can do something w/ that. But if those who support Ron Paul don’t write him in then they’ll never listen to us.

    • Lynn, I understand your frustration. My point was how best to express such frustration and red faced, profanity laced screaming in front of television cameras hurts Dr. Paul’s cause more than it helps.

  3. I’m happy to vote for Romney-Ryan. They are the only ones who have put forth a plan that can pass Congress, save medicare and keep our credit rating from falling to the point that our government will be selling gold for cash. Obama hasn’t put forth a plan, he just levels personal attacks. And, once again, the point of the post above, which no one has directly addressed, is that you cannot win converts by screaming red-faced, profanity laced tirades in front of cameras. That has never worked and it never will.

  4. Does “growing up” include smiling and voting as sheep as the RNC puts a knife in your back and cheats? No thanks, I think I’ll retain what’s left of my manhood and vote third party this time. I’ll be able to tell my grandchildren I did the right thing. What will you tell yours sir?

    • First, I’ll tell him to actually read a post before commenting on it. The post has nothing to do with who to vote for but how to act in front of cameras on a national stage.

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