The 100 Greatest Thrash Metal Songs of All-Time

Defining thrash is tough.  Some name Motorhead as the beginning of thrash. Some include bands like Anvil but I stick with the Big 4 and their progeny.  Even then some argue that members of the Big 4 like Metallica quit thrash in 1984.  Some try to draw a line between thrash and ’90’s “groove metal.”  I don’t claim to be all-knowing but here is my list, which is open for debate and later revision Enjoy.

100. “Astronomy Domine” Voivod.  Trippy, dude.

99. “Whiskey in the Jar” Metallica (1998).  Amazing Thin Lizzy cover that would have made Cliff proud.

98. “Floods” Pantera (1996).  Some of Dimebag’s best work and that says a lot.

97. “Spiritual Void” Overkill (1993).  A band that seemed to be able to seamlessly move from one sound to another within thrash while always sounding fresh and authentic.

96. “Harvester of Sorrow” Metallica (1988).  As you will see a lot in this list, imagine what this album and killer cuts like this could have been with bass!

95. “Davidian” Machine Head (1994).  I always maintained that early Machine Head was thrash and this was the best of that early material.

94. “The Ballad” Testament (1988).  As heavy and great as Testament is, I always dug their slower stuff more than their more aggressive material and this one is great.

93. “Bloodline” Slayer (2001).  On a great album that was tough for a pastor to swallow, this song was too infectious to ignore.

92. “Hollow” Pantera (1992).  A great ballad from a band that wasn’t afraid to play whatever spoke to them.  Man, I miss them.

91. “Horrorscope” Overkill (1991).  The turnover of certain band members in 1991 seemed to invigorate Bobby Blitz and the results are nothing short of staggering.

90. “Armed and Dangerous” Anthrax (1985).  Scott Ian may diss power ballads all day long but this IS one and it is friggin’ awesome. This is one the band should re-record with John Bush in 2004.

89. “Metal Church” Metal Church (1984). A song about the band with the same title as the album…if it sounds this good, why not?

88. “Mandatory Suicide” Slayer (1988).  A song about a soldier facing certain death on Normandy Beach.  Is it me or does one hear a bit of a groove that foreshadows the so-called sell out of Diabolus in Musica?

87. “I’m Broken” Pantera (1994).  Doesn’t the title say it all?

86. “Turn The Page” Metallica (1998).  A great cover of the Bob Segar song with a haunting video.

85. “Refuse/Resist” Sepultura (1996).  A post Tiananmen protest song and solid video that even a right-winger like me can dig.

84. “D.N.R. (Do Not Rsuscitate)” Testament (1999).  Like Overkill, a band that doesn’t have a lot of flash but consistently produces great album after great album and this was a stand out cut from a killer release.

83. “Bonded by Blood” Exodus (1985).  The title track from a brutal album that hints at what could have been. I love the echo vocals.

82. “Domination” Pantera (1990).  I don’t think I’d ever heard a count-in to introduce a track before and still haven’t heard one as aggressive as this one.  A song that would’ve sounded at home on Vulgar Display of Power.

81. “Dead Skin Mask” Slayer (1990).  A year before Silence of the Lambs hit theaters, there was Dead Skin Mask, which is actually about serial killer Ed Gein.  Oh, those romantics in Slayer!

80. “Inner Self” Sepultura (1989).  A track I discovered years after its release.  A killer riff with brutal double bass drums.  How did this South American import ever miss becoming huge?

79. “Suicide Note Part 1” Pantera (1996).  Who knew Pantera could pull off a song with a 12-string acoustic and keyboards? That’s what I loved about them…no rules.

78. “Chemical Warfare” Slayer (1984).  The 1991 live version of this track rules.  Ignore the muddled, basement recording of the original.

77. “Safe Home” Anthrax (2002).  A lot of fans claimed this near ballad was a bridge too far for Ian and the gang but a good song is a good song.

76. “2×4” Metallica (1996).  A song about sex should sound out-of-place from Metallica and many claimed it was but the monster riff saved it for me.

75.  “Serenity in Murder” Slayer (1993).  Who else could pen a tune with this title?

74. “Rust in Peace…Polaris” Megadeth (1990).  A song written from the perspective of a nuclear missile…about time!

73. “This Love” Pantera (1992). Is this an anti-ballad? I don’t know but I love it.

72. “Only” Anthrax (1993).  The switch from Joey Belladonna to John Bush made the band sound fresh and new but just not Anthrax…yet, this song has stood the test of time.

71. “Gemini” Slayer (1996).  One of the few original cuts from Undisputed Atitude.  It didn’t really fit the album but it was still rad.

70. “Die Dead Enough” Megadeth (2004).  I was jazzed for Mustaine’s return from near retirement and he didn’t disappoint with The System has Failed and this is the stand out track.

69. “Until It Sleeps” Metallica (1996).  A terrible video but amidst all the cries of “sell out”, I couldn’t get the song out of my head.  Love it to this day.

68. “Stain of Mind” Slayer (1998).  Haters like to label this song Slayer’s attempt to sell out and be “groove metal” but, regardless of the motivation, it is awesome.

67. “Trapped Under Ice” Metallica (1984). A song about screaming for help in vain under a layer of ice.  Man, Hetfield was in a bad place in 1984!

66. “Countdown to Extinction” Megadeth (1990).  A great song from a great album.  Dave Mustaine sober is one of the most consistently great metal songwriters alive.

65. “Allison Hell” Annihilator (1990).  Long before Marilyn Manson tried to claim Lewis Carroll, there was Annihilator.  I came to these Canadians late but better so than never.

64. “Beyond the Black” Metal Church (1984).  I discovered this track after hearing my favorite Metal Church song, “Watch the Children Pray” and it is stellar. Someone told me the first album had an order form for a Metal Church neckbrace…sweet!

63. “I Am The Law” Anthrax (1987). A lot of cuts from Among the Living make this list and this hat tip to the comic Judge Dredd rivals all of them…except “Indians”, which I never really liked but include because of its popularity.

62. “Sad But True” Metallica (1991). Hetfield claims this song is about the William Goldman horror movie “Magic,” which told the tale of a psychotic ventriloquist…works for me.

61. “You Can’t Bring Me Down” Suicidal Tendencies (1990).  ST had a seven-year interval between MTV hits but they made it count with this haunting track.

60. “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” Metallica (1986).  My wife’s favorite Metallica song.  I can’t listen to it without thinking about the documentary Paradise Lost.

59. “Territory” Sepultura (1991). Seemed to have some kind of anti-Israel, pro-Palestine message, which means these dudes may rock but they haven’t the foggiest idea what they are talking about…so be it.  The song is still sick.

58. “Anti-Social” Anthrax (1988). A cover of the Trust track that Joey and the boys made their own.

57. “5 Minutes Alone” Pantera (1994).  Reportedly, a person sued the band and Phil Anselmo’s response was “Just give me 5 minutes alone with the guy.”  The rest is history.

56. “Dead Embryonic Cells” Sepultra (1991). The first I heard of Sepultura and it was love at first thrash.

55. “Blackened” Metallica (1988).  A pro-environmental song that, like all tracks from …And Justice from All could use a little bass.

54. “Institutionalized” Suicidal Tendencies (1983).  The first many heard from ST.  The song was an MTV hit and still holds up well.

53. “Caught in a Mosh” Anthrax (1987).  The title says it all as it compares moshing to dealing with frustration.

52. “Return to Serenity” Testament (1992).  A plea to flee with a lover and find solace.  Rivaled Pantera and Megadeth for the best metal song of 1992.

51. “Damage, Inc.” Metallica (1986). The closer to the greatest thrash album with a message that is simply it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

50. “In My Darkest Hour” Megadeth (1988).  Mustaine’s tribute to Cliff Burton was one of the few memorable moments from the otherwise forgettable (and obviously staged) documentary “Decline and Fall of Western Civilization Part II.”

49. “Pounding Metal” Exciter (1984) Second only to Saxon’s “Denim & Leather” when it comes to “ain’t it awesome to be at a metal show” songs.

48. “Indians” Anthrax (1987).  Never a favorite track of mine, but is still beloved by the thrash metal community, so here it is.

47. “The Thing That Should Not Be” Metallica (1986). My prayer to combine great metal and H.P. Lovecraft was answered in this track, which I listen to while writing my book about zombies.

46. “Arise” Sepultura (1991).  A song about the desire to kill another over religion.  A great drum track by Igor Cavalera, a dude who never got his props.

45. “Among the Living” Anthrax (1987).  A song dedicated to Stephen King’s “The Stand”…perfection!!!

44. “Wake Up Dead” (1986) Megadeth.  This was initially my favorite song from Megadeth. At the time, I had never heard such heavy, compelling and effortless changes in one song.  Still holds up.

43. “Orion” Metallica (1986). The highest ranking instrumental from a band that has written a lot of great ones.

42. “‘Effing Hostile” Pantera (1992).  Once again, I have no idea what this song is about but it makes me want to challenge someone to a cage match.

41. “Disposable Heroes” Metallica (1986).  An allusion to Ray Bradbury’s classic Fahrenheit 451 about using loyal soldiers as cannon fodder.  The opener to the greatest thrash metal album of all-time.

40. “The Toxic Waltz” Exodus (1988).  A great song by an underrated band that is about a dance that I assume is moshing…at least I hope it is about moshing.

39. “Tornado of Souls” Megadeth (1990).  A song about the end of a relationship.  As a dude with two former fiances, this track was a personal favorite for years.

38. “Ride the Lightning” Metallica (1984).  A song about someone wrongfully convicted of a crime and sent to the electric chair.  As a lawyer who represented a person wrongfully sentenced to death, this one rests close to my heart.

37. “Angry Again” Megadeth (1993).  An awesome track written for a lame movie that deserved a better mix–still, one of my favorite ‘Deth songs.

36. “Whiplash” Metallica (1983).  I always preferred the Motorhead cover but the original is still worth a good head bang.

35. “Elimination” Overkill (1989).  Producer Terry Date managed to create a masterpiece in Years of Decay that, unfortunately, has remain largely unheralded and this one of the standout tracks that Bobby & the boys perform to this day.

34. “Fight Fire with Fire” Metallica (1984).  A song about the threat of nuclear annhiliation…was James Hetfield really that upset to become a star…geesh!

33. “In A Gadda Da Vida” Slayer (1987).  One of the more controversial picks as Slayer themselves hate this cover from the soundtrack to the horrible film adaptation of Brett Easton Ellis’s great novel Less Than Zero, but I always dug it.

32. “A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free)” Megadeth with Cristina Scabbia (1997).  Mustaine claims he always intended this as a duet and when he finally got around to doing it, boom!

31. “The Unforgiven II” Metallica (1997).  As I said before about its prequel, a song perfectly encapsulating the feeling of those of us who grew up in a religious home but didn’t feel “saved.” The power injected into the sequel improves it. Incredible.

30. “Cemetary Gates” (1990) Pantera.  A song proving Phil Anselmo can sing as well as growl.  Haunting.

29. “Roots Bloody Roots” (1996) Sepultura. Is the song about honoring your ancestry or is it about protesting the colonization of South America? I don’t know but I dig it.

28. “Battery” Metallica (1986). An ode to Battery Street in Frisco where the band used to play.  I prefer the live version from Donington in 2004.

27. “War Ensemble” Slayer (1990).  Nearly incomprehensible lyrics but when played by a band like Slayer…awesoeme.

26. “The Four Horseman” Metallica (1983).  A song about themselves…why not.

25. “Watch the Children Pray” Metal Church (1986).  One of my best friend’s favorite songs of all-time.  A killer track.  What it is about? No idea.

24. “Hanger 18” Megadeth (1990).  When I worked in Congress, I visited the infamous Hanger 18 in Dayton…it’s just a hanger.  I was disappointed.  BTW, listen to Metallica’s “Call of Ktulu” after listening to this song…Mustaine co-wrote both.

23. “Seek and Destroy” Metallica (1983).  Is it wrong that I used to play this cut while watching CNN footage of the Gulf War in 1991? Don’t answer that.

22. “South of Heaven” Slayer (1988).  This was released a year before I enrolled at Southwestern Academy in L.A. (which I was asked to leave after one semester) and this track was my theme song as I labeled Southwestern “South of Heaven.”

21. “Cowboys from Hell” Pantera (1990).  Is there really anything to add other than the title? It was enough to sell me in 1990.

20. “Creeping Death” Metallica (1984).  A song about the angel of death slaying the first-born in Egypt…awesome.

19. “Seasons in the Abyss” Slayer (1990).  I loved Reign in Blood but I always thought Slayer was heavier when they slowed down.  Like Black Sabbath, they sounded like a mighty dinosaur stomping through a forest and this is Slayer at their slow, threatening best.

18. “Got the Time” Anthrax (1990).  Anthrax was a better cover band in the ’80’s and early ’90’s than they were original songwriters.  That’s not a dig. They have become better.  While Metallica has slipped, Testament, Slayer and Megadeth have held their ground, Anthrax is the only band that has gotten better.

17. “Practice What You Preach” Testament (1989).  As a prodigal son in the wake of the televangelist scandals of the late ’80’s, this song hit close to my heart.  Still worth heeding.

16. “For Whom The Bell Tolls” Metallica (1984).  There are days when this is my absolute favorite song period.  For years, I thought the opening was a guitar solo when it was actually Cliff Burton’s bass…incredible.

15. “Symphony of Destruction” Megadeth (1992).  If there ever was a metal song that Ayn Rand would champion, this is it.  A song that foreshadowed Mustaine’s small-government conservatism…God bless ’em (no sarcasm there!).

14. “Enter Sandman” Metallica (1991).  The strongest track from The Black Album and one that alone nearly made Guns N’ Roses sound soft when the two toured together in ’92.

13. “Hell Awaits” Slayer (1985).  I always prefered the 1991 live version that opens with an army march into hades.  Jarring in a purely rad way.

12. “Bring the Noize” Anthrax with Public Enemy (1991).  This one may stir controversy as some hate Scot Ian and the boys for merging rap and metal but more than twenty years later, I still can’t get enough of it and let’s face it, Chuck D’s voice was so heavy, it was made for metal.

11. “Mouth for War” Pantera (1992).  I’m not quite sure what the song is about but heck with it, Pantera is tight and the title is gold = pure awesomeness.

10. “Fade to Black” Metallica (1984).  A song about suicide that James Hetfeld wrote after someone stole his favorite amp…musicians.

9. “Holy Wars…The Punishment Due” Megadeth (1990).  Is the song about Ireland? Israel? or Mustaine’s favorite comic book “The Punisher”? According to interviews with Dave over the years, all of them.  Regardless, it is another great track from one of metal’s greatest song writers and iconic figures.

8. “Angel of Death” Slayer (1986).  Only Kerry King and the boys would pen a song about a Nazi doctor. It led the easily led to label the band fascists even though it was written by Jeff Hanneman who idolized his father who stormed Normandy Beach.

7. “Years of Decay” Overkill (1989).  Of all the road is hard” songs that bombarded the 1980’s, this was one of the few that didn’t suck.  A true power ballad by one of the world’s most underrated metal bands.

6. “One” Metallica (1988).  I could have used more bass but this post-Cliff homage to Dalton Trumbo’s “Johnny Got His Gun” was a revelation in ’88.  It was, in my opinion, the greatest metal video of all-time as well.

5. “In the End” Anthrax (2011).  The highest charting modern thrash song. This ode to the late Ronnie James Dio and Dimebag Darrell is epic and the pinnacle of one of the finest album Anthrax has produced since Among The Living.

4. “Peace Sells” Megadeth (1986).  Rex Brown said it all when he stated on That Metal Show, “Peace Sells made us (i.e., Pantera) feel that anything goes.”  It was a bold move, fine lyrics and one of the baddest bass lines of all time.  Amazing.

3. “Walk” Pantera (1992).  A song that is a threat that makes me want to fight someone.  Not very pastor-like, I guess but man the groove on this is heavy.  RIP Mr. Abbot.  You were a six-string genius.

2. “Raining Blood” Slayer (1986).  This brutal track belongs near the top if only for the reason that it is Cartman’s chosen instrument for tormenting hippies.  My favorite cut from an album that left the 14-year old me convinced I had discovered the soundtrack to the apocalypse.

1. “Master of Puppets” Metallica (1986).  James Hetfield has stated that he now realizes this song was about his struggle with addiction.  More than twenty-five years later, it remains as aggressive as a punch in the face and is truly the greatest thrash song of all-time and one of the three or four greatest metal songs ever.  Bow before it.

48 thoughts on “The 100 Greatest Thrash Metal Songs of All-Time

  1. whiskey in a jar at the tail end of the list…is there no god? one of metallica’s greatest videos, which is a major thing. and thin lizzy rules!

  2. I love the fact that so many Pantera songs were on your list, but two of the thrashiest songs that Pantera ever put out weren’t there! Suicide note pt.2 and The art of Shredding!

  3. I used “Until It Sleeps” in a Bible study many years ago. Great tune. Reminds me of the movie A Simple Plan – another great “secular” depiction of sin that gets it spot on.

  4. Thrash metal???
    Metallica after ’88 is not thrash…
    I miss DRI, Kreator, Destruction, Artillery, Assassin, Cranium, Forbidden…

  5. esta todo bien con que se quieran hacer los thrashers de ley…pero aca no pusieron a metallica y megadeth

  6. Wow this list sucks. Way to pander to the Big 4 by making like 90 percent of the songs on this list from them. How could you have even righteously made this list when you’ve only listened to the top 10 percent of thrash bands that people have heard of.

    Other great thrash bands
    -Laaz Rockit
    -The Mist
    -Nuclear Assault
    -Holy Moses
    -Municipal Waste
    -Toxic Holocaust
    -Blood Tsunami

    Need I go on???

    • Andrew, there is a reason The Big 4 are the Big 4 and only a handful of people remember Venom (and many, like Henry Rollins remember them as a joke), that’s because The Big 4 were, and are, great songwriters and musicians. The bands you named…not so much! But thanks for stopping by and expressing your opinion.

      • Sorry, you are Not right. The big 4 are only the big 4 of the United States.
        The songwriting is Not better as from other Bands.
        Did you ever listen to Kreator ? They made 7 Great thrash Metal Albums – More than Slayer and Metallica together – actually the New stuff from slayer and metallica sucks completely.
        Arise from sepultura should be in the Top Ten the whole Album is Great. Where is pleasure to kill , Extreme Aggression. Phantom Antichrist and hordes of Chaos from Kreator? There are much more Great thrash Bands . Exodus Again a Great Band. Sodom ??? There is Potential of improvement in this List.

        • The Big 4 are The Big 4 everywhere, which is why they headline festivals all around the world and Kreator open on the 2nd stage and for good reason–they suck!

  7. the big 4 are commercially very successful because of Metallica’s “Black” Album. This was no thrash Album. So sad but True, the unforgiven, Enter Sandmann are no thrash Songs. You can Remote them from your List. Whiskey in the Jahr is also no thrash song.
    By the Way the big 4 are 4 totally different Styles. It is just a Marketing Strategy that they Play together.
    Your List Sucks
    That Kreator Sucks is Ur personally opinion. They Keep thrash alive. Still Good Songs . No Recycling of Old stuff as the big 4 unfortunately do.

    • Of course it is my opinion, it is my list and why do you state things authoritatively as if it wasn’t just your own opinion? And Metallica was multi-platinum BEFORE the Black Album, that just took it to another level at the same time hair metal was dying.

  8. just being me, I’d have tossed in some early husker du: Diana, say. maybe some voidoids too. rock on pastor Matt!

  9. Of course Metallica was a Great band….at the Time Hair Metal was dying is Not completely right…they went on the hype of grunge (pearl jam…)and guns n Roses (for me the driver of the hype and not metallica )also tourend with them. Of course Nottingham Else matteres was Good that Time. Where are they today ? Nowadays they Take nothing to another Level. I am Fan of Metallica . But i dont count anymore with a Good cd from them . Sad. Megadeth and Testament are better musicians…they have a better Chance. Slayer…there comes nothing.i dont See big 4 anymore for me they are nowadays the dead 4 .

    • (1) the list chronicles the best songs from the last 30 years not which band continues to produce albums comparable to their earlier work. (2) hair metal was dead by ’91 just ask the guys from Poison or Warrant. (3) GNR was not really hair metal, which was really just pop music with buzz saw guitars. GNR based their music in true 70’s hard rock and punk. The list stands as is. Thanks.

      • But tey are Not the best thrash Songs. Only the best Songs in your opinion.
        You think that nowadays no good thrash Metal anymore ?
        Beside that you have simple ignored thrash legends like Tankard, Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, etc…
        You totally ignore actual Development in the market.

        You really think that a song like “i m Broken” Or ” Angel of Death are soo unique and unrepetable that it. Is now forever the best thrash Metal song of all Time ???? No
        You should revise this List ….Or call it “Matts favored songs”
        To call it “the best thrash Metal Songs” is Not correct.

        • Yet you have been granted the authority to decide the best by whom? Also, I did not ignore those bands. I am familiar with them, I just think they suck. Also, I think you are defining thrash very, very narrowly. You could argue that Kreator was more Goth, industrial/black metal in the 1990’s than thrash IF you define it so narrowly. After 30 odd years of loving all-types of metal (and working in the music business for several years), I do think I can state the “best” as well as anyone else. If it irritates you soooo much. Go make your own list that all 5 Kreator fans will enjoy! All the best.

          • Kreator Never was Black Metal.they are atheists. But the lyrische are very much influenzes by religiös thoughts and dialectics. Actually the Music has the Same influences as Slayer. Kreator is Even inspired very much by Slayer. Kreator is to Slayer what Megadeth is to Metallica. Very similar style.same Fans – Almost all kreator Fans like Slayer . as you know Megadeth is Metallica with Good musicians – as my Former Guitar Teacher always Said.
            Kreator: Enemy of god – purity and innocence is killed.
            Slayer: God Hates us all.
            Kreator is bit faster and harder +The Voice of kreator is – similar to Megadeth – One Main reason, why they are Not Even more successful.
            My personal feeling is that Kreator is more Creative and has better songwriting, better lyrics, and more musical Substance than Slayer. Even if many People Share this opinion, i have nö Problem if you think Kreator Sucks.
            As they make stll kickass Albums, kreator is for me undead .
            But i Prefer Bands who are alive and have light in their brains. I Love for example Gamma Ray: man on the mission; abyss of the void, Last before the Storm.
            I know -they Suck and have only 5 Fans;-) I am proud to be One of them. Have a nice Day

  10. The number one is always Raining blood and the second should MO. The list would have been amazing if you could have included “Mass Hypnosis” by Sepultura, that whole album is thrash.

  11. I gotta say, good list, there is no greater song then “master of puppets” it has “it” and if you think otherwise you are wrong! Just kidding but i can’t think of a better song, the amazing all downstroking and suttle but so very importent open e-string picking of the guitar, and the lyrics are amazing! It is as we all know about addiction, and in the song it’s the addiction talking! Taste me you will see, more is all you need.
    And about metallica being bad musicians, that is wrong! Lars maybe isn’t the best drummer, they say he can’t keep a beat, no good footwork, but i love his drums! who doesn’t love the drums in “frayed end of sanity”? Genius! Metal up your ass

  12. Oh yeah! Another thing about metallica, the song disposable heroes is about 8 and a half minutes long, i calculated the james hits the strings in an avarage of 5 times a second, and kirk does a awesome solo so he probably has a higher avarage

  13. You mention Slayer but forget what thrash is. Hell Awaits is the master blueprint for early thrash. Sodom’s Agent Orange. Kill em all for sure. Anything after Master of Puppets is not thrash re:Metallica. After Kill Em All very little of it was true thrash. What about Annihilator? Heathen? Kreator? Flotsam & Jetsam?

    Heck I love Rust in Peace and Peace Sells but very little of that is thrash. I think true thrash is fast and winding with aggressive, chaotic, and melodic solos.

  14. Sorry but your list suck so much as we can see your a complete Metallica fanboy. No variety on the list. WHy did you put rock song on Metallica on this like unforgiven sad but true and enter sandman at the same time they are not metal they suck. Also Pantera is not thrash metal so put this out of your list too. Try to listen to more thrash band

    • Lou, sorry you don’t like the list. I obviously disagree. I have been listening to thrash since roughly 1984 (I’m old) and stick by my list. Sorry you disagree. Feel free to create your own on your own blog. Proud Metallia Fanboy signing off. All the best,

  15. How is it with Phantom Antichrist by Kreator on # 1… Best thrash song Till now. Metallica and Slayer used to kick ass but Kreator are nowadays much better. Slayer were lucky to write a few Good Songs in the nineties and Metallica dont work anymore. Lol….

  16. A mediocre list made by a Metallica/Pantera fanboy, that fails to show variety or even basic knowledge of thrash.

    Pantera and Machine Head are not thrash but are rather groove metal, and neither is Black Album-era Metallica, they’re more commercial hard rock. They should be replaced with genuine thrash including Sodom, Destruction, Coroner, Watchtower, etc. As well as newer thrash metal bands such as Toxic Holocaust, Municipal Waste, Warbringer, Skeletonwitch, Lazarus A.D., etc.

    Oh, and the “Big 4” were hailed as thus because they sold the most records in the U.S., not because they were “great songwriters and musicians” which they most certainly AREN’T, especially today now that Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth have reduced themselves to making radio-friendly pop rock music, with Anthrax making alternative thrash/heavy metal.

    Since you obviously don’t know shit about thrash metal, I recommend you stick with making lists about glam metal, which you are much better at.

    • Funny, Phil Anselmo considered Pantera thrash and the Big 4 sold the most records in the U.S. because they are better than everyone else. Thanks for stopping by and for being rude. Oh, BTW, as to your comment on another list, Winger didn’t make “To Hell with the Devil.”

  17. Re “Territory”: Max Cavalera’s son’s name is Zyon, and they’re in a band together that puts out songs like “Prophecy,” which is pretty unmistakably Zionist.

    So you have it backwards.

  18. if I were u, I’d put over the wall of Testament in 2nd place, and let out some songs witch aren’t Thrash Metal like A tout le monde

  19. I’m sorry but the majority of the songs in this are from the same band, like i don’t understand why you would call this the top thrash songs if the majority of thrash bands are not even listed, like overkill’s hello from the gutter?
    destruction – mad butcher?
    sodom – m-16?
    kreator – phobia?

    i read that you were going on about the BIG 4 well in fact there are a couple of different big four, that is the first from america then there is the tentonic 4 from german which is destruction – sodom – kreator – tankard.

    then there is another big 4 from america – overkill – testament – exodus – vio-lence, and if you didnt know was probably Rob Flynn’s [machine head] finest moment playing, as well as vio-lence he worked on some forbidden stuff, and if it wasnt for scared reich then machine head may not have a drummer.

    i personally think that this list is terrible apart from a few tracks, metal church tracks for one, nice call, but i think you should have added more variety of bands into the list.

    • Johnny, thanks for the comment. I just don’t dig those bands as much as the Big Four. Again, I think they are the Big Four for a reason. Agree to disagree. All the best!

  20. I hope to god that all of you realize this is opinionated and not factual, no reason to bash on this just because one of your favorite songs isn’t on here, or if it’s mainly the Big 4.

    This list is rad, though I would’ve put Holy Wars higher up. Overall, good job \m/

  21. amen on the overkill one but… it could of been a better song like in union we stand.

  22. well, i think you have not listened enough Thrash Metal or your concept is totally wrong. Some insists that Metallica, Testament (my fav band), Anthrax, Megadeth were Thrash Metal, but i personally consider them as Speed Metal. For me, Dark Angel is simply the best. Slayer is over-valued. If we look them closer, the Big 4 is just a concept for being used for a tour. But the 3 from Germany (Kreator, Destruction and Sodom) really were (and still are) Thrash Metal. The Media is right when calls Reign in Blood is a very good album but is not the best. I thnk that the concept is subjetiv but we often fall under the concept of the media. For example, Terrible Certainty (Kreator) and Darkness Descends (Dark Angel) are better in several aspects. If you listened the actual Thrash Metal bands, its like to listen Kreator form anotehr perspective. The point is: Reign in Blood is older but is not the best, and erase this list – as we say in my country: i am ashamed for what you did.

  23. Love the list and your comments. I’ve listened to thrash since it was created. The big four ARE the big 4 for a reason. Love the fact that another Christian digs thrash as much as me. Rock on my dude.

  24. I love the list of songs you made. For my opinion Slayer has a terrible voice and is not one of my favourite thrash metal bands. Slayer sucks. All the others rock on.

  25. Hi Matt,
    You have a great list. I especially like that you have written a short comment to the songs.
    Interesting that a Pastor is into thrash metal….
    ..some albums have also spiritual power …I was overwhelmed by Kreator’s Violent Revolution. …the lyrics are very strong on this album. Check out “Mind on fire” and “Slave Machinery”. Even if these two songs do not deserve to be in your list of top 100 songs I would like to know your opinion. Greets Chris

  26. A good list, with all very good songs, but this is not really a “Thrash Metal” list. Half this list isn’t even close to thrash. rock on \m/

  27. thrash, one cuestion, what is the name of the band in the top of the black frame right side???? i can reading very small letters next to rotting corpse?? thrash paraguay

  28. No one actually liked to hear true thrash metal. Metallica were thrash till master of puppets. The list is just accurate at times. These list pertains to best metal songs and not thrash metal. I had expected Sodom, Destruction, Kreator, Vio-lence, Annihilator, Heathen, Stormtroopers of death, Dark Angel, Exodus, etc. to hit the list. Top 100 ‘thrash’ metal songs and without these would be just meaningless as thrash. Actually I was also listening to these before like i was really into thrash metal. But the bands you have mentioned are really good like Testament, Till MOP Metallica, Overkill(one of my favs), Pantera(never thrash in their whole band life but love their grooves). You can listen to a track and tell if its thrash, if you are really into it. Its that simple. Just listen to it, try to study its riff and tempo structure and its very very easy to grab its genre…..

  29. Good list overall but you are missing more than a few Exodus classics like : Verbal Razors, Fabulous Disaster, Piranha, Throwing Down, Force Of Habit, some of these should have made the cut, I highly recommend you try these songs if you don’t know them!

  30. I missed death angel in the list, they have some great stuff you should check it out. “Discontinued” is a great start.

  31. No song from Metallica’s Black Album was thrash/speed metal this is fact not opinion WHISKEY IN THE JAR isn’t thrash TURN THE PAGE ISNT THRASH its rock fact not opinion while I like metallica till after the black album I LOVE the 1st 4 more and I love Slayer period with few if any exceptions I like MOST of Megadeth’s material certain albums and tracks by Anthrax but yet I agree with the others add more don’t cater to JUST the 4 most valued if I made it I would also mention: EXODUS SADUS FORBIDDEN SENTINAL BEAST SACRILEDGE KREATOR NERVOSA GOD FORBID ANNHILATOR DESTRUCTION DETENTE MOTORHEAD POSSESSED SUICIDAL TENDENCIES THE PLASMATICS ZNOWHITE ARCH ENEMY 2nd vocalist and even JAPAN’s GREIF OF WAR!

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