The 6 Coolest TV Shows of 2012…So Far

I don’t watch a lot of TV (i.e., I don’t watch the thing every night).  I’ve missed critically acclaimed shows like Girls and Revenge but I do try to check out a lot of shows to see if they hook me.  Unfortunately, I missed a few key episodes of shows that are growing on me like Fringe and Archer, so I will catch up with them later.   I will post my 12 favorite of 2012 in December but, until then, here are the 6 coolest shows of 2012 so far.

6. The Ricky Gervais Show (HBO).  An animated compilation of Ricky’s podcast where he sits with friend Stephen Merchant and makes fun of Karl Pilkington (of Idiot Abroad fame).  My wife thanks they are too mean to Karl and they are but it is still funny.

5. New Girl (Fox).  A group of hipsters share an apartment and hilarity ensues.  I don’t particularly like hipsters and was never that impressed with uber cute star Zooey Deschanel  but the show is funny.  It is the one show my wife and I must watch together every week.

4. Justified (FX).  Like Sons of Anarchy, Justified is basically a soap opera for dudes.  The show follows the seemingly non-stop shoot outs and fist fights of Kentucky U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens.  It may be over the top at times but a strong cast helps pull it off well.

3. Sherlock (BBC).  The reboot of the classic detective story is more of a series of movies than a series but so be it.  Fans had to wait 2 years for season two and may have to wait a year and a half for season 3 (and yes, there will be a season 3 despite the shocking way the season ended).

2. Game of Thrones (HBO).  Game of Thrones is set in an alternative universe resembling our middle ages where four families compete for absolute rule.  It has too much gratuitous nudity (DVR it and fast forward) but it boasts the best acting of any show on TV.  The story dragged a bit during the middle of the season and it is difficult to keep up with so many characters but it ended strong.  Peter Dinklage has delivered a perfect performance as Tyrion Lannister.  When he shouts, “Those are brave men knocking on our door.  Let’s go kill them!” You want to make the charge with him!

1. The Walking Dead (AMC).  Was there any doubt that I would pick the show set amidst the zombie apocalypse? I was a wee bit disappointed with the first season but the producers kicked the second into high gear.  The band of survivors dwindled as the zombies closed in and the season finale was awesome and hinted toward a truly rad 3rd season.  Amazing.

What are you watching?

5 thoughts on “The 6 Coolest TV Shows of 2012…So Far

  1. Justified, then Walking Dead. Would probably include Game of Thrones if I had HBO. Of course, Breaking Bad will be #1 when it resumes this month, as Walt’s spiral downward draws to its end.

  2. I’ve recently been time-traveling on Netflix and discovered Aron Sorkin’s 1998 “Sports Night”. I sometimes found the repetitive banter dialogue in the first few episodes irritating, but by mid-season I think Sorkin found his stride and I was hooked. I hate watching it now because like any show that doesn’t tell us when to laugh or who to hate or love or vote for, it only lasted three seasons and each episode I view brings me that much closer to the end.

    I will have to try West Wing. I never gave it a chance because the premise didn’t seem like something I’d be interested in. Matt, have you watched his HBO show “Newsroom” yet? If so, any feelings?

    • I haven’t been sold on Newsroom yet. I checked out of West Wing after a couple of seasons. Sorkin is gifted at creating a dialogue that has a rhythm but the content of the dialogue was ridiculous. Everyone on the West Wing dropped their resume at every turn. No in DC does that. It just annoyed me after a while.

    • Larry the Deuce, interested on your thoughts about Alphas after you’ve watched it.

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