The Best of the Interweb this Week (06/29/12)

Here are a few awesome things that popped up on the interweb this week that you need to check out:

Pastor Dave wrote a piece Pornopoly for The Gospel Coalition.

I agree with the Weekly Standard that this next election will be all about Obamacare, which is the last thing President Obama wanted.

Larry asks If Church Ever Wears You Out?

How is this for subway graffitti?

Have you seen “The Star Wars I Used to Know?”

Jon’s Ice Breaker this week, (which are great ways to open your small groups BTW) asks what car did your parents drive when you were a kid? I can’t remember my parents’ cars but I do remember one of my brothers drove a Subaru Brat with seats in the back!

Finally, here’s my favorite Tweet of the week, “Everyone criticizes the Salem Witch Trials, but we haven’t had a witch attack in over 200 years.”  Piecomic.

That’s it for this week.  Tune in every day for thoughts on under rated movies from the 1980’s, more God & Baseball and a week of lists of the best movies, television shows, music, etc. so far this year.

Until then, grace and peace.

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