The Best of the Interweb (05/25/12)

Here are a few things that popped up on the interweb this week:

My friend and former ADF colleague David French asked Should Evangelicals be Post-Partisan?  Required reading!

Pastor Dave offers wise counsel on the dangers of being discontent.

On the lighter side, Jon’s icebreaker this week asks, how do you relax?  Me? An adult beverage and a Will Ferrell movie.

Speaking of awesomeness, tell me Mansome does not look totally rad!

What was totally unrad, was Game 5 of the Heat-Pacers series.  Remember when the NBA was filled with people you could look up to?

Finally, every follower of Christ needs to read this post from Larry on a weekly basis and then prayerfully audit his or her life.

That’s all for now.  Check back for reviews as well as thoughts on theology, sports, politics and pop culture.

Until then, grace and peace.

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