The Best of the Interweb this Week (04/27/12)

Here is what has been happening on the interweb this week:


Pastor Dave offers part 3 of When the Shift Hits the Fan.

Larry poses a good question to church leaders, are you making decisions or disciples?

and Jon at Stretched asks, If you were to appear on America’s Got Talent, what would you do? Does stand-up preaching count as a talent, Jon?


RIP Chuck Colson. You were a kingdom warrior. Now enjoy your inheritance.

Justin Taylor links to a couple of critical review of Peter Enns’ book on Adam.

and what did you think of Joel Osteen’s comments that he believes Mitt Romney and other Mormons to be fellow Christians?

Sports, Politics and Pop Culture

What did you think of the NFL Draft? How did your team do? I just hope and pray that new Bengal Dre Kirkpatrick can get his act together.

Stoked that Sherlock returns soon.  If you haven’t seen it, you can stream the first season on Netflix.

Finally, I highly recommend John Stossel’s new book No, They Can’t: Why Government Fails and Individuals Succeed.  I also recommend his videos “Stossel in the Classroom.”  They are the clearest exposition of libertarianism I have ever encountered.

That’s it for today but be sure to check back tomorrow and every day or God won’t bless you…at least that’s what Joel Osteen says.

Until then, grace and peace.

5 thoughts on “The Best of the Interweb this Week (04/27/12)

  1. I read the article about Osteen’s comments about Romney. His comments don’t surprise me, what does he know about the Gospel a yway? I hate to pile on the guy, I know someone who goes to his church, and he loves Osteen. I think the same thing applies to both Osteen and Romney…good guys? Yes, it seems so. Christians by my definition? Ehhh, not so sure? With that said, Romney is alot more credible than Osteen.

  2. When there’s a disconnect with historical Christianity it’s extremely easy to arrive at conclusions like Osteen does, but it’s nonetheless wrong. Mormons effectively deny every formulation of Christian faith expressed by the Ecumenical Councils, which are the benchmarks for orthodoxy.

    For example when Osteen says that believing that Christ is the Son of God is enough for him to consider them Christian is in direct opposition to the First Council of Nicaea, which affirmed that Christ is in fact God. Anyone rejecting this was anathema, outside the faith, and in other words not Christian.

  3. Awesome on Sherlock! Now this means showing in the US on PBS, is that correct? Because I thought the 2nd season had already run through in England.

    BTW, If you didn’t see it,Cumberbatch (Sherlock) is going to be a/the villain in the next Star Trek movie. I saw a video of him beating the snot out of Spock in front of a green-screen.

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