The Best of the Interweb This Week (04/13/12)

Here is the ultimate list of thingees that popped up on the interweb this week.  Enjoy and…you’re welcome!


Larry over at Deucology posted on why he doesn’t read Christian fiction.  I agree and his reasoning is why I also don’t normally like “Christian movies” either.

Alex over at Entreprelife has opened up his blog to a guest writer over the last few weeks.  His friend Mike is writing on How to Contain Your Wallet and Your Belt and it is worth your time to check out Part One and Part Two.

Jon’s Ice Breaker at Stretched asks what your hometown is known for? Mine is known as the hometown of Roy Rogers & Branch Rickey…and now, unfortunately, drugs & crime!

Pastor Dave has begun the series every church leader needs to read and consider, When the Shift Hits the Fan.


Denny Burk has a number of wonderful summaries of the T4G conference.

Erik at The Ordinary Pastor on the the necessity of being intentional when it comes to evangelism.

Russ Douthat’s new book looks very interesting.

Sports, Politics and Pop Culture

Rick Santorum dropped out of the Presidential race.  I won’t say I told you so but I posted several times over the last few months that his run was a colossal waste of time. Now, Romney has to re-unite the GOP when he should be focusing on raising the hundreds of millions of dollars it will take to compete with the Obama machine.

Almost as important as the presidential race, the top high school player in the country committed to Kentucky this week, giving Coach Cal the top recruiting class in the nation for the 4th straight year and insuring another Final Four run.  Awesome!

Here is a totally lame list of the best break-up songs of the 1980’s that hipsters will love because they are all boring alt. indie songs instead of true classics like Time for Me to Fly by REO Speedwagon and I Want a Woman by RATT.

Speaking of totally lame, Axl Rose has refused induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame…I am a huge GNR fan but, geesh, what a crybaby!

Be sure to check back every day at the Pastor Matt Blog for everything outside the Bible that matters!  Okay, maybe that’s an oversell but I do promise that every post will be darn nifty!

Until then, grace and peace.

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