A Question for Progressive Church Leaders

I am a reformed evangelical bi-vocational church planter but I was once a progressive “emergent” Christian on the track to becoming an ordained mainline minister.   One of the things I noticed during my sojourn on the left was the unanimity among progressive church leaders on hot button social issues.

If you walk into a liberal church and have a conversation about controversial topics, like same-sex marriage, you will generally find that they generally fall within the parameters of mainstream progressive thought.  So, my question for progressive Christian leaders is this, “Is it any accident that progressive congregations fall so neatly in line with the culture at large? Even when that culture is so thoroughly un-Christian?”

It seems that an ancient faith with such stringent demands would generally cut against some, if not most, modern western mores.  Now, many progressives will object that fighting for the poor and/or against materialism does cut against the grain but that’s not true.  Most Americans want to help the poor and agree that we are all too materialistic they just disagree on what to do about it.

Progressives may also try to flip the conversation by attacking evangelicalism as a cultural creation of the 1950’s and there is some truth to that.  But most evangelical leaders now recognize that conservative churches failed the poor and African-Americans.  They should have stood against the culture.  They capitulated to it and we see that now.

So, progressive church leader, don’t you think you too have a blind spot or two? Doesn’t it bother you how neatly your theology fits within modern mainstream western thought?

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